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Small Credit Union Resources

With a large percentage of credit unions in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas designated as small credit unions, the Cornerstone Credit Union League has dedicated many resources to help these credit unions thrive, grow and continue to succeed. By providing targeted education and training, regulatory and compliance assistance, Hot Topics notifications and operational guidance, we are poised to assist in meeting the needs of all smaller institutions and help them address their unique challenges and opportunities.

Upcoming Small Credit Union Events

Dues Supported Services

Small Credit Union Committee

The mission of this committee is to ensure first hand insight into the needs of small credit unions, giving them an empowering voice. Within the committee, three working teams exist to provide a concentrated focus in the areas of Advocacy, Education and Resources.

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Educational Opportunities

The Cornerstone Credit Union League offers a wide variety of educational opportunities for small credit unions. These opportunities are designed to be cost efficient and relevant to the issues facing small credit unions today. Cornerstone also offers options that meet required training needs.

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Check-It-Out Library

Providing on-going education opportunities, the Check-It-Out Library provides inexpensive and convenient access to credit union books, webinars, and DVDs. There is no charge with the exception of shipping the items back to the League. The service is available to affiliated credit unions under $35 million in assets.

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Tools & Handouts

We continuously strive to provide helpful resources and tools to help small credit unions grow and thrive. The League offers many handouts, a required policies list, and several presentations from various small credit union workshops held.

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Fee Based Services

Strategic Planning

The Cornerstone Credit Union League is proud to provide a team of skilled facilitators to lead your next strategic planning process.  They will assist you in defining your strategy, direction and resource allocation necessary to pursue your defined strategy.  They will lead discussions in key areas such as:

  • Financial Analysis
    • Key Ratio Analysis
    • Net Worth Projections
  • External Environment
    • Peer-to-Peer Evaluations
    • Current Economic Conditions and Trends
    • Current and Projected Industry Activity
    • Research on Potential Disruptors (i.e. FinTech Companies)
  • Internal Analysis
    • Status Report
    • Pre-Planning Questionnaire Highlights
    • Member Value Proposition (Current & Future)

Your strategy will be carefully formulated with key strategic initiatives, objectives, strategies and tactical action steps. Your planning process will be a disciplined effort that will produce fundamental decisions and actions that will shape and guide your credit union in defining who you are, who you serve, what you do, why you do it, with a focus on the future. An effective strategic planning process will articulate where you are going, the actions needed to make progress and how you will know if you’re successful.

Our skilled team of facilitators look forward to assisting you with your next strategic plan. For more information about our process, pricing and scheduling contact Lorri Gaither at 469-385-6423 or by email