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UPDATE: Rate Map is temporarily down due to an unanticipated server change to S&P Global, Rate Map’s parent company. We apologize for the inconvenience. We are doing all we can to expedite the resumption of the Rate Map service. Thank you for your patience.

Cornerstone League is proud to offer RateMap as added value to your membership. RateMap is a unique interest rate comparison tool designed to assist with your competitive analysis strategies, increase your pricing advantage, improve decisions on product offerings, and drive more revenue to the bottom line.


RateMap interface

RateMap Features

  • A selection of the most commonly offered deposit and loan products and their rates
  • Coverage of all the institutions/branches monitored in RateWatch’s national database – the largest in the industry, which includes:
    • Deposit rate data on more than 90,000 branches nationwide
    • Loan rate data on more than 40,000 branches nationwide
  • Ability to search by address, ZIP code, or city and state
  • Ability to filter by institution type, product type, and rate
  • Details such as address, website, number of locations and deposit balances
  • Customer and member reviews from online review sites such as Yelp
  • Listing of Internet Bank rates
  • Ability to print deposit rate reports