From statistical summaries to community feedback and even comprehensive economic profiles, the Cornerstone Credit Union League is committed to expanding your credit union's knowledge and wisdom through the sharing of extensive research. We devote a great amount of time in researching the environment for you, and reporting on it through the use of studies, presentations, and white papers.

Dues Supported Services

Services available at no cost to Cornerstone Credit Union League's member credit unions.


RateMap is a unique interest rate comparison tool designed to assist with your competitive analysis strategies, increase your pricing advantage, improve decisions on product offerings, and drive more revenue to the bottom line.

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Special Report - Trending: Credit Unions in 2025

Credit Union Resources commissioned Filene to predict the future of credit unions in the next 10 years. This joint paper will help you on your path to future success.

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Credit Union Statistics & Reports

Get the latest statistics on the credit union industry. Documents include: credit union overviews, historical trends, asset quality and trends, operating ratios and spreads, and benefits of membership reports.

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Fee Based Services

Using surveys, focus groups and one-on-one interviews, Cornerstone Research provides actionable insight into a variety of significant topics, including:

  • Members’ reasons for choosing their PFI
  • The likelihood of switching PFIs 
  • Borrowing behavior 
  • Member satisfaction
  • Market share
  • Millennials
  • Technology needs
  • Branding
  • Ease of use
  • Pain points
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Delivery channel preferences
  • Frontline staff insights
  • Non-member perceptions and needs
  • Employee engagement

Compensation Survey

The annual Compensation Survey contains vital information regarding salaries and benefits on 59 full and part time credit union positions, presented with analytical commentary, and useful asset and regional breakouts. The survey compares compensation between credit union peer groups and counterparts in the banking industry.

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Focus Groups

Focus groups are in-depth discussions, usually consisting of 8-10 members. While focus groups are not appropriate for gathering numerical information (they are not – “mini surveys”), they are ideal for exploring complex values, attitudes, and behaviors of your members. Cornerstone prepares the moderator guide, moderates the focus group, provides a final report, and delivers recordings of each focus group to the credit union.

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Employee Surveys

Business research consistently shows a link between employee satisfaction and factors such as absenteeism, turnover, and quality of service. A professionally conducted employee survey provides accurate and cost-effective feedback that will benefit all of your employees, from the tellers to the CEO. It can also impact your bottom line in surprisingly powerful ways.

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Customized Member Surveys

Our customized member surveys are designed to deliver insights about the overall customer experience - from the member’s perspective. A member survey will inform your team where your performance is rated highly and where it is not doing as well. 

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