REAL Solutions

REAL Solutions is the signature program of the National Credit Union Foundation, and has the goal of helping credit unions offer services that have been proven successful for people of modest means and low wealth. REAL ― “Relevant, Effective, Asset-building, Loyalty-producing” — Solutions works through credit union leagues/associations to help individual credit unions make the difference for members, families, and communities. The Cornerstone Credit Union League REAL Solutions program is supported by a generous grant provided by the Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation.

REAL Solutions builds member and consumer financial capability by offering tools such as an online resource center (, product development, Credit Union Financial Counseling Certification Program (FiCEP – brought to CUs by the Foundation and CUNA), experiential learning programs (reality fairs, retirement fairs, and life simulations), planning/coaching, and speaking/training.

By signing on to REAL Solutions, credit unions rededicate themselves to the principles upon which they were founded and collaborate with the Cornerstone Credit Union League and credit union peers to make a positive difference in people's lives. When credit unions sign up for REAL Solutions they should expect:

  • Resources filled with REAL Solutions information, including a REAL Solutions Tool Kit, communication materials to help explain credit unions' collective effort, and new ideas as part of participant meetings.
  • Opportunities to form partnerships in offering REAL Solutions and advocacy opportunities to share your success with others.
  • Training to boost your knowledge of underserved markets, predatory lenders, and more.
  • Regular updates from the Cornerstone Credit Union League to help you expand your REAL Solutions program and share new opportunities.

Real people with real needs are finding REAL Solutions at credit unions.

Upcoming Events




12/17/2015 Reaching New Markets: Tools for CUs to Get an Edge Up Webinar 2:00 p.m. CST

Elder Financial Abuse Awareness

Older consumers can be attractive targets for scams and financial exploitation because they often have higher household wealth in the form of retirement savings, accumulated home equity, or other assets. Some of those consumers are credit union members with some diminished capacity for protecting themselves. REAL Solutions has developed a new initiative to promote awareness of elder financial abuse and exploitation in the financial services industry.

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Participating Credit Unions

If you are a REAL Solutions credit union, you have access to the toolkit. This provides you with valuable information to help your members.

Access the Toolkit

Amarillo Community FCU
American Airlines FCU
Angelina Federal Employees CU
Austin FCU
Baycel FCU
Beacon FCU
Border FCU
Brazosport Teachers FCU
Cabot & NOI Employees CU
Caprock FCU
Caprock Santa Fe CU
Chocolate Bayou Community FCU
Coastal Community FCU
Coastal Community and Teachers CU
Community Resource CU
Complex Community FCU
Corner Stone CU
Cosden FCU
CU of Texas
Dallas CU
Diamond Lakes FCU
Dupont Goodrich FCU
Eastex FCU
El Paso Area Teachers FCU

Empowerment Community Dev. FCU
Energy Capital CU
First Central CU
First Class American CU
First Community CU of Houston
First Service CU
FivePoint FCU
Fort Worth City CU
Freestone CU
Garland County Educators FCU
Generations FCU
Guardian First FCU
Gulf Coast Educators FCU
Kelly Community FCU
Kingsville Community FCU
Las Colinas FCU
Liberty Co Teachers FCU
Light Commerce CU
Lufkin FCU
Members Choice CU
Members Trust of the SW FCU
Mid-Tex FCU
Mobiloil FCU
Mountain Star FCU
My Community FCU
Navy Army Community CU
New Mt. Zion Baptist Church CU

One Source FCU
People's Trust FCU
Prestige Community CU
Promise CU
Resource One CU
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Security First CU
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Shared Resources CU
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Southland FCU
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Tarrant County CU
Team Financial FCU
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Temple Santa Fe Community CU
Texas Assns of Profsnls FCU
Texas FCU
Texas Trust CU
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TruWest CU
Unity One FCU
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Ward County Teachers CU
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