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Final request! Please update your CEO Matching and Key Contacts info

by Cornerstone Credit Union League | Nov 21, 2019

We’re in the final stretch of our campaign to update our CEO Matching and Key Contacts databases. The success of this effort is greatly dependent upon our member credit unions, and we still need your help. Cornerstone adds the key contact information to our other tools so we can make introductions and connections, develop strong new relationships, enhance the associations we already have, and conduct outreach on critical issues. 

If you haven't already updated your information, please provide the following two things:

1. Key Contacts. Our Key Contacts database includes the people within the purview of your credit union who have built relationships with policymakers at state and federal levels. They can be management, staff, volunteers, or even your members. They could be individuals who know lawmakers or have participated in grassroots efforts and fostered relationships. Have you or anyone you know volunteered in a race for a lawmaker? This request also applies to those who are already in our Key Contacts database but have moved in the last four years.

Tell us about your key contacts.

2. CEO Matching. Our confidential CEO Matching database includes the names of all Texas credit union CEOs and their home legislative districts at the state and federal levels. The purpose of having this data is simply so we can utilize constituent-based methods for outreach when needed to field urgent credit union issues. To ensure that our records are as current as possible, please provide your full information.

Find out who represents you on Cornerstone's advocacy site here. Simply scroll down to "Find Politicians" and enter your ZIP code.

Provide your home/legislative district contact information.

Thank you for your assistance. These tools are critical to the success of Cornerstone's work advocating on your behalf. For more information, please contact Political and Grassroots Director April Krause at