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Steve Rasmussen Named Alumnus of the Year

by Ken Anderson | Jul 22, 2013
Steve Rasmussen, president and CEO of FAA CU in Oklahoma City, Okla., has received the prestigious Alumnus of the Year award. Rasmussen is a 1991 graduate of SCMS, and just one year after completing the program, he was tapped to be the president/CEO of FAA CU.
Steve Rasmussen
Steve Rasmussen

Steve Rasmussen, president and CEO of FAA CU in Oklahoma City, Okla., has received the prestigious Alumnus of the Year award. Rasmussen is a 1991 graduate of SCMS, and just one year after completing the program, he was tapped to be the president/CEO of FAA CU. With others vying for the president/CEO position, Rasmussen says he’s confident that having completed the SCMS program gave him a competitive advantage.

“SCMS challenges you to question things and be more strategic in your thinking,” says Rasmussen. “In my opinion the school helps you broaden your knowledge, expand your network and just become a better-rounded executive.”

Rasmussen believes so much in the program that he encourages members of his team to attend. Since becoming president and CEO of FAA CU in 1992, four of his employees have graduated from SCMS, including Pamela Case, who graduated this year.

The Alumnus of the Year is selected on the basis of his or her:

  • Leadership positions held in the credit union and credit union organizations;
  • Personal achievements within the credit union;
  • Encouragement of advancement of others within the credit union movement, and
  • Contributions to the overall credit union movement.

Rasmussen says he is “honored and quite humbled” to receive the award.

“SCMS is a rich and rewarding experience. I’m proud to be a part of this prestigious institution,” he says.

Rasmussen is a graduate of Sam Houston State University and received a B.B.A. in Management and a minor in Economics. After college, he began his credit union career in 1978 at Carbide CU in Texas City, TX.  While serving as executive vice president of Amoco FCU, also in Texas City, he attended SCMS. In 1992 Rasmussen accepted the job as president/CEO at FAA CU. At the time the credit union had $95 million in assets and through his leadership, it has grown to its current size of more than $550 million dollars.

He has been actively involved in a number of local and statewide industry efforts over the years. He served as a director of the Credit Union Association of Oklahoma from 2006 until 2011 and was the chairman of the association for two years. He was appointed and served two terms on the Oklahoma State Credit Union Commission and did so until 2007, has been a board member of Oklahoma’s Credit Union Shared Service Center since its inception in 1995 and is a founding member of the ATM Zone—a no fee network for credit union members in Oklahoma.

Rasmussen has been actively involved in the Oklahoma Credit Union Political Action Committee for over 15 years, serving as the Chairman for 10 years, and is the Oklahoma Liaison for CULAC. While in Texas, Steve served a two-year term on the Texas Credit Union League board of directors, and was president of the Galveston County Chapter, and was actively involved as the PAC liaison for several years.

His service continues and he remains active raising funds for the Children’s Miracle Network and Children’s Hospital in Oklahoma City. Additionally, he serves on the board and is past chairman of Calm Waters, a non-profit organization offering free counseling for children affected by loss.

In addition to recognizing the Alumnus of the Year, 45 credit union executives graduated from SCMS. A list of SCMS graduates was included in Friday’s issue. For those who might have missed Friday’s issue of the Leaguer, this year’s graduates include:

  • Rafael Vasconcelos Menezes, Banco Cooperativo Sicredi, Brazil
  • Tammy Christian, Arkansas FCU, Arkansas
  • Tiffany Greenway, TruService Community FCU, Arkansas
  • Gregory D. Inman, Neighbors FCU, Louisiana (Honor Graduate)
  • Brent Davis, BluCurrent CU, Missouri
  • Kelly Barrow, TTCU The Credit Union, Oklahoma (Honor Graduate)
  • Pamela Case, FAA CU, Oklahoma
  • Carrie Marek, First Family FCU, Oklahoma
  • Steven McNabb, Oklahoma Central CU, Oklahoma
  • Brad A. Scheidt, Oklahoma Central CU, Oklahoma (Honor Graduate)
  • Je'Neil Torres, ME/CU, Oklahoma
  • Craig A. Atkinson, Houston Highway CU, Texas
  • Walter James Burke, CoreLogic, Texas
  • Kelly Burns, The Local FCU, Texas
  • Kristi Charrier, Sabine FCU, Texas
  • Lanya Coleson, Texas Coastal Community FCU, Texas
  • George De Leon, Border FCU, Texas
  • Sean Duffy, Lone Star CU, Texas
  • Tonya Elmore, Tarrant County CU, Texas
  • Paul Gill, Prestige CCU, Texas
  • Thomas Green, AMOCO FCU, Texas (Honor Graduate)
  • Jonathan Haskett, Mobiloil FCU, Texas
  • Lorraine Henderson, Beacon FCU, Texas (Honor Graduate)
  • Esther Herrera, Shell FCU, Texas
  • Joe Herrera, Shell FCU, Texas
  • Dana Jones, Neighborhood CU, Texas
  • Monica J. Jones, Union Square FCU, Texas
  • Art Juarez, Evolve FCU, Texas
  • Jocelyn "Jackie" Kapalski, CTECU, Texas
  • Vicki Kelley, FivePoint FCU, Texas
  • Regina Lancaster, KBR Heritage FCU, Texas
  • Yvonne M.  Lopez, Suntide CU, Texas
  • Karen Maness, AAFES FCU, Texas
  • Mark Maslonka, Beacon FCU, Texas
  • Millicent Mayaka, InTouch CU, Texas (Award of Excellence)
  • Karen Montgomery, Union Fidelity FCU, Texas
  • Marivel Munoz, GECU, Texas
  • Stephanie New, Grand Prairie CU, Texas
  • Suzanne M Peterson, Resource One CU, Texas (Honor Graduate)
  • Jamaal Robinson, New Mt. Zion CU, Texas
  • Cheryl Sayers, Credit Union Resources, Inc., Texas
  • James Simpson, InTouch CU, Texas
  • Curtis Sutton, First Class American CU, Texas
  • Micheal Walls, CUNA Mutual Group, Texas (Honor Graduate)
  • Sandra White, America's CU, Texas