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Wishes Come True for Local Charities

by Ken Anderson | Jul 12, 2013
Broken Arrow- It's not every day that you can make a wish to help a local non-profit organization and someone comes along and makes it come true.

Broken Arrow- It’s not every day that you can make a wish to help a local non-profit organization and someone comes along and makes it come true.  This year Western Sun Federal Credit Union chose to give back to the community in a different way. 

Branching off a promotion the credit union was running [for “Wishing for a better place to bank”] the credit union’s Vice President of Marketing, Dana Harris, created, a site where anyone could go and cast their wish for a local school, non-profit or charity to help their mission with a prize up to $500 per winner.

Western Sun chose three winners who each will receive $500 for their charity.  One recipient was Community Action Resource Association or C.A.R.A.  C.A.R.A. serves as many as 30 children of low income children at a time in North Tulsa who often times have one or more of their parents incarcerated. It provides meals, mentoring and shelter while supplying food, clothing and furniture when needed.  It is a small organization with very limited funds but an extremely giving heart. C.A.R.A. is also known for helping its area residents with other needs they have in their lives. 

“One woman just wanted hangers.  Hangers,” said Pastor Lewis Bumpers, shepherd of C.A.R.A. “Often times the things people thrown away as extras or old are items on people’s wish list.”

The Boys and Girls Club of West Tulsa will also be receiving $500 to help the youth paint and refurbish the West Mabee Club concession stand.  The person responsible for submitting their wish told how youth sports play an important role in reducing truancy and crime and improving academic performance. The Club serves over 2,200 inner city youth annually.

Finally, the Bixby Outreach Center was chosen for their wish of a donation to buy items such as toothbrushes and toothpaste for their clients. The Bixby Outreach Center helps meet the needs of thousands of people living not only in Bixby, but South Tulsa, Glenpool, Mounds and Liberty Mounds.

An amazing twist was that a fourth wish was granted by Lamar Outdoor.  Harris contacted Lamar when reading that one wish was for a billboard to advertise the Relay for Life and the Cancer Prevention Study 3, studying to make a link between genetic factors and cancers. Lamar quickly accepted the opportunity to help and provided two billboards for the campaign.

“We are a community credit union and want to help make wishes come true for people who are doing good in the communities that we serve and where we live,” said Rob Taylor, president and CEO. “The Wish campaign is an excellent way for us to do this.”

“Western Sun is in the business of helping people make their financial wishes come true”, said Dana Harris, Vice-President of Marketing. “We love the chance to pay it forward and help someone else! I love that Lamar Outdoor embraced the concept as well!”

Western Sun looks forward to running again next year in April and helping to make even more wishes come true!