Customized Member Surveys

What a Member Survey Can Tell You

Members’ primary financial institution. Reasons for switching to a new PFI. Your Net Promoter Score.  Members’ primary lending sources. Satisfaction with customer service. Your market share for selected products and services.

About Member Surveys

Our customized member surveys are designed to deliver insights about the overall customer experience - from the member’s perspective. A member survey will inform your team where your performance is rated highly and where it is not doing as well. 

A key section that is normally in a member survey is a set of questions about selected service attributes (e.g., “easy to do business with”). For each service attribute, we measure: (1) how important the attribute is; and (2) how satisfied members are with the service they received for that attribute. The analysis of gaps between importance and satisfaction is quite insightful for credit union leaders.

Additional “overall” areas covered in the survey could include the Net Promoter Score and Overall Satisfaction. We can uncover the drivers of overall satisfaction with your credit union.

Another favored area of concentration is to understand why members selected your credit union as their PFI or why they selected another institution as their PFI. When coupled with questions regarding the likelihood and reasons for switching their PFI, credit union management can develop strategies for winning the battles for acquiring and retaining Members.

Improving the Customer Experience

In addition to the “overall” areas typically covered in a member survey, you have the ability to dive deeper into areas such as: awareness of available services and access channels; members’ reasons for choosing their primary lending source; and why members’ primary checking accounts are with you or somewhere else.


Our member surveys are conducted either online or by mail. All survey findings are cross tabulated by demographic variables, such as respondent age and income, and are tested for statistical significance. The final report includes full textual and graphic descriptions of the findings, an extensive management summary, and all verbatim responses.     

For More Information, Contact:

Doug Foister, Vice President of Research
800-422-5762, ext. 6477