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Sally Baskey

Laughter, My Drug of Choice!
Sally Baskey

This is the presentation you want to attend if you need an endorphin rush.  When we laugh our brains release endorphins into our bloodstream the same way they are released when we take a drug like morphine.  What part of that do we not understand?  This session is for everyone at every level.  We discover that when we laugh it clears our mind of all negative thoughts and helps us see life or its’ problems in a new light.  In this day of “negative media” we need the skills to take back control of our life and our attitude.  When we are happy and healthy, those that we impact, influence and serve are happy and healthy too. We learn as we grow older that life is about 10% what happens to us and 90% the way we react to it.  In this session you learn that, although bad things happen to good people, if we are willing to “let go” and “give ourselves permission to laugh again” that TTWP (this too will pass). 

In this session you explore:

  • what makes you laugh
  • your emotional intelligence
  • the healing power of humor physically and emotionally
  • techniques to use to find humor in change or difficult situations

About Sally Baskey

With a BFA in Performing Arts, Sally is a trained actress and she acted like she knew what she was doing during her 25 year management career with a major oil company. There she made an impact on marketing, customer service, human resources, telecommunications, public relations, and employee communications. Sally is a humorist and motivational speaker whose message is how to use humor to get through life. Her book, "Laughter, My Drug of Choice", shares her philosophy of using a sense of humor to cope.

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