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Kenny Marchant
Snapshots of GAC Hill visit results
March 19, 2019

While Texas credit union leaders awaited the arrival of Sen. Ted Cruz for a legislative meeting last Thursday, Cornerstone Credit Union League President/CEO Caroline Willard asked attendees what they had learned from their Hill visits to that point. Here's a bit of what they said.

Cornerstone advocacy in action: Scenes from Capitol Hill
March 19, 2019

Last week's CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference is now wrapped up, and attendees are still talking about what an eye-opening event it was, not to mention how many footsteps their step trackers logged for the Hill visits.

Resource One hosts Spring It On Festival
March 19, 2019

Music and family friendly activities will be available at the Resource One Spring It On Festival on April 27 at the credit union’s Cedar Hill location (755 N. Hwy 67, Cedar Hill, TX 75104) from 3 to 7 p.m.

Trump Admin estimates 33 percent drop in cost of CU tax exemption
March 19, 2019

The Trump Administration on Monday estimated that the cost of the credit union tax exemption will be $24.017 billion during the next 10 years—a 33 percent drop from last year. However, the budget details the administration released Monday do not provide a reason for the re-estimate.

Beyond IT: How to create a cybersecurity culture across your organization
March 19, 2019

Employees may unintentionally cause data breaches by clicking on a phishing email, inadvertently downloading a malicious document, or accessing a link on their work computer that allows hackers access to your system.

Diversity and inclusion: Recurring themes at GAC
March 19, 2019

The Little Man Under the Umbrella dates to the 1920s as a symbol for the burgeoning credit union movement and was widely used for decades.

League Director nominations underway for SE Texas
March 18, 2019

A vacancy has occurred on the Board of Directors of the Cornerstone Credit Union League in Asset Category Three, Region One.

Sen. John Boozman with group
Arkansas CUs visit with legislators on Capitol Hill
March 18, 2019

The Arkansas contingent of credit unions visited on Thursday with their lawmakers on Capitol Hill during the CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference in Washington, DC.

Cornerstone Research helps credit unions measure member experiences and loyalty
March 18, 2019

Does your credit union deliver a good experience for your members? Do you offer the right mix of products and services? How likely are your members to move to another institution?

Join tomorrow’s “Know Before You Go” webinar for Annual Meeting attendees
March 18, 2019

If you’ve registered for the Cornerstone Credit Union League’s Annual Meeting, then this webinar is for you.

Attend Roundtables to learn best practices for CECL transition
March 18, 2019

Join us for the Current Expected Credit Losses Roundtables to learn best practices for your successful CECL transition. During the event, Visible Equity Client Success Managers Phillip LeCheminant and Jacob Michael will help you increase your understanding of the new allowance guidelines, implementation steps, regulatory impacts, and CECL stressors, as well as learn tips and tricks.

Date Event Location
3/19/2019 Credit Union Resources Shared Branching Roundtable Houston, TX
3/19/2019 Permian Chapter Meeting Odessa, TX
3/20/2019 HR Roundtable Dallas, TX
3/21/2019 Credit Union Resources Shared Branching Roundtable San Antonio, TX
3/21/2019 - 3/22/2019 SCMS Mid-Year Dallas, TX
3/23/2019 Houston Chapter Bowling Tournament Houston, TX
3/25/2019 - 3/26/2019 Oklahoma GAC Oklahoma City, OK
3/26/2019 Webinar: CECL Myths vs. Reality Online
3/26/2019 Dallas Chapter Meeting Dallas, TX
3/27/2019 - 3/28/2019 Foundation FOCUS Summit Dallas, TX
3/28/2019 HR Roundtable Oklahoma City, OK
3/28/2019 East Texas Chapter Meeting Kilgore, TX