Get Ready for International CU Day
ICU Day 2013

Since 1948, International Credit Union Day has been celebrated on the third Thursday of October. This year, on Oct. 17, credit unions around the world will celebrate our movement's history and promote our achievements. Credit Unions Unite for Good is the theme of this year’s International CU Day, and the Cornerstone Credit Union League encourages credit unions to take advantage of this opportunity to help raise awareness about the great work that credit unions are doing for their members and the communities they serve.

Credit Unions Celebrating ICU Day

We'd love to showcase your efforts right here. Tell us how you plan to celebrate International Credit Union Day in your credit union. Send us your photos and videos so other credit unions can be part of your celebration as well. Contact Linda Webb-Manon at or 469-385-6486.

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Cornerstone PACs Celebrating ICU Day with a $10.17 on 10/17 Campaign (10/17/2013)

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$10.17 for 10/17

This year, Cornerstone Credit Union League is celebrating International Credit Union Day with a special drive to raise money for each state's PAC. The campaign is called "$10.17 for 10/17," and it's easy for all of our affiliated credit unions to be part of it.

While each state's fundraising goals are different, the campaign remains the same across the board. Select your state below to learn more about your state's goals and to make a contribution.

Learn more information on the PAC Programs.

If you have questions about the $10.17 for 10/17 campaign, contact Gretchen Ziegler at or 469-385-6484.

Invite Your Lawmaker to Celebrate

Credit unions can take advantage of International Credit Union Day to invite their local lawmakers into their institutions to be part of the celebration. October 17th would be an ideal day to do this; however, any day in October is a great time for lawmakers to recognize all the things credit unions do for their members—their lawmaker's constituents.

Just one of the ways to make this event noteworthy to your members and to your lawmaker is to set up a kiosk in your lobby where you can talk to people about the "credit union difference." This is also a great place to introduce and garner support for the "Don't Tax My CU" campaign. Your League has "Don't Tax My CU" cards that your members can sign right there in the credit union for mailing to their senators and representatives in Washington, DC.

Not sure how to go about extending an invitation to your lawmaker? Do you have the materials you need to help illustrate the CU difference to your members? Your League's Advocacy team is happy to help. Contact Jim Phelps at or 469-385-6481.