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Pandemic Response Strategy FAQ

Can I switch FiCEP programs mid-stream?
Does each student need a unique email address to register for FiCEP?
What if I am not able to complete the FiCEP program?
Is the FiCEP program truly free? Are there hidden costs?
How much study time do I allot for each module prior to each exam?
If I am unsuccessful at passing the FiCEP certification test the first time, how long do I have to re-take? Is there a cost associated with re-taking the exam?
What is the difference between the three online educational platforms offered by BALANCE, Enrich, and EverFi?
How much does each online financial education platform cost?
Our credit union already has an online educational platform. Will the Foundation pay for my existing program?
When is the deadline to choose an online educational platform?
Can I get a grant to cover the rest of the cost of the e-learning platform?
Is the financial counseling that is offered from BALANCE confidential?
How do I contact BALANCE to receive personal financial counseling?
How often can I contact BALANCE for counseling?
What is the cost of BALANCE’s counseling services after the 12-month program period?
What is the time frame the financial counseling is available at no cost to credit union staff?
Will I incur any costs during my time with a financial counselor?