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Financial Capability

Financial capability is at the core of the Cornerstone Foundation's mission. Enabling young people and adults to manage their resources and plan for a secure financial future is the driver behind this mission. Basic personal financial understanding and skills literally improves lives!

Upcoming Events

    Best Money Moves Informational Webinar


    Join the Foundation for an informational webinar about the financial programs that Best Money Moves offers.

The Foundation holds financial capability events throughout the year. Keep checking back for more events.

Pandemic Response Strategy

Pandemic Response Strategy

Financial Capability Opportunities

The Foundation supports and provides various programs, grants, trainings, and materials for financial capability geared to diversely impact communities of all shapes and sizes from cradle to grave. 

Financial Capability Network

The Financial Capability Network is made up of credit union professionals that share a passion for empowering others to improve their financial well-being.

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Financial Capability Grants

Financial EducationTo adequately prepare our youth for adulthood and keep adults on top of their finances, we must empower them with the tools, information, and skills necessary to save and invest in their future. The Foundation provides grants and scholarships for programs that promote or implement financial education in schools, community-based organizations, and through credit unions.

Who Can Apply?

Credit unions that offer financial capability programs or services to their members and community may apply for a Financial Capability Grant. Non-profit organizations that strive to improve the financial well-being needs in their community must have a credit union partner engaged in the grant request initiative, and the credit union must apply for the Financial Capability grant on behalf of the partnership.  Credit unions that have applied for a Credit Union Development grant may also apply for a Financial Capability grant.

Eligible Activities

Financial Capability grants include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Community Financial Capability Outreach Programs
  • Financial Education Curriculum
  • Financial Capability Experiential Learning Program Toolkits (i.e. Reality Fair, Retirement Fair, etc.)
  • CDFI Certification Assistance - Consultant and Membership Expenses

Financial Capability grant requests are accepted year-round.

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Report Activity

Have you sponsored a financial education activity? Let us know the good you are doing in your community.