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2020 Executive Coaching Series

$5,000 savings available

During this Executive Coaching Series, you’ll gain a new perspective on why diversity and inclusion are important to your professional growth and the growth of your credit union. Building a workforce of diverse individuals results in better financial performance, more innovative problem-solving, easier employee retention, and greater appeal and empathy toward new and existing members.

"We recognize that credit unions must be intentional about increasing diversity and inclusion at leadership, board, and staff levels to continue to reach and better serve an increasingly diverse population.”

Jim Nussle, President/CEO 
Credit Union National Association

It’s also good for your credit union’s bottom line. A recent McKinsey report found that companies in the top quarter for racial and ethnic diversity were 35% more likely to generate above average returns, and those in the top quarter for gender diversity were 15% more likely to have above average financial returns.

Are you ready to create a more diverse and inclusive environment in your credit union, and at the same time hone your leadership skills and promote your own advancement? In addition to diversity and inclusion, this series will provide insightful information on executive leadership and succession planning.

Who Should Attend?

C-suite executives who will impact the growth and success of their credit unions.

What’s Included

The Executive Coaching Series includes:

$10,000 value; custom assessments, peer-to-peer engagement, and personalized coaching

  • A custom assessment of diversity, inclusion, and bias level for you individually and your credit union;
  • Three in-person sessions, including registration, meals, and hotel accommodations;
  • Six peer-to-peer phone calls; and
  • A personalized coaching call with James Pogue, Ph.D.

$7,500 value; three face-to-face meetings including hotel, registration, meals, and materials

  • A Jan. 24 kick-off meeting, including meals and a one-night stay at the hotel;
  • An April in-person meeting held in conjunction with Cornerstone’s Annual Meeting & Expo, including meals and two-night accommodations, as well as complimentary conference registration; and
  • A September in-person meeting held in conjunction with Cornerstone’s Leadership Summit and Executive Forum. This includes an opportunity to participate as a panel member at the new Inclusion Conference, three-night accommodations, and complimentary summit registration.

$2,500 value; from the Executive Search team at Credit Union Resources, Inc.

  • Become part of the exclusive Priority Executive Network and develop a direct connection for executive growth opportunities to enhance your career advancement, network, and increase your reach within the credit union market.
  • Executive Assessment: Provided at the end of program, this assessment enables you to take a deeper dive into your leadership competencies and prepare for advancement. Participate in a roundtable, panel interview where our team will interview you and provide feedback on your performance and recommend areas for improvement. A resume evaluation is also included.

($20,000 value)

Growth Investment

Executive Coaching SeriesIt’s time you make an investment in your career and your credit union. Save $5,000 and divide your payment over the 2019 and 2020 fiscal year. Pay $7,500 when you register by Dec. 10 with the $7,500 balance due by March 28. 


Participants are expected to participate in all sessions to positively impact outcomes for this series, missing no more than one scheduled peer call.

Registration is nontransferable and nonrefundable.

To provide you with personalized connections, this group will be limited to 10 participants. To be included, you must register by Dec. 10. 



Friday, Jan, 24 In-person
Kick-off Meeting & Customized Assessments Dallas, TX
Friday, Feb. 21 Peer Call The Business Case
Friday, March 13 Peer Call Impact of Bias in Your Workplace & Beyond  
April 15-17 In-person Tough Topics & Hard Conversations
(part I)
Grapevine, TX
Friday, May 15
Peer Call
Sustainability & Succession Planning
Friday, May 22  Peer Call Analytics & Measurements
One-hour personal
coaching session  

Individual Call     
Capstone Project  
Friday, July 17 Peer Call Navigating Internal Land Mines and Politics
Friday, Aug. 7 Peer Call Tough Topics and Hard Conversations
(part II)
Tuesday, Sept. 1 In-person Panel Participation at the Inclusion Conference
 Houston, TX
Sept. 2-4 In-person Capstone Presentations
 Houston, TX


James PogueLeadership and training are core to James Pogue, Ph.D., with James Pogue Enterprises. From his military service and overseas deployment in Desert Storm, he learned the importance of leadership, fellowship, and training—that improvement and survival is based on not only the best possible information, but also the best training and leaders possible. After 10 years in higher education, Pogue expanded his work to include multigenerational leadership, helping colleges and organizations attract, engage, and develop talent at all levels. He worked with the Association for Healthcare Volunteer Resource Professionals, UNCF, and GEAR-UP and is a board member of the Broome County Urban League in New York.