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Crystal Jonas

Joy on the Job
Crystal Jonas, Tap Your Genius, Inc.

Imagine the benefits of a more joyful Credit Union: less stress and complaining, more positive, cooperative attitudes, greater productivity and service to members and a deep feeling of a job well done at the end of the day. 

Research proves happy employees are more productive and profitable. When employees are happy, everybody wins!

There’s an art to cultivating a joyful workplace, and drawing from over 20 years researching and delivering programs on positive psychology, emotional intelligence, communication and peak performance, Crystal brings clear and concise concepts that will engage and entertain your audience and inspire them to love their work and spread their positive attitudes.

About Crystal Jonas

Crystal Jonas is the president of Tap Your Genius, Inc., an international company specializing in training and developing individuals and organizations in the areas of Employee Engagement, Emotional Intelligence, and Leadership. As a consultant, seminar leader and executive coach, Crystal helps you be who you are at your best so you can quickly achieve your personal and professional goals. Crystal has won 4 national awards for training. One award was for her class she created on “Accelerated Learning Skills” for the US Air Force Academy. An eight-time published author, Crystal has spoken to over 120 audiences every year for over nine years. Before founding her company, Crystal was in the Air Force, serving as the only female officer in an F-16 fighter squadron in a base outside of Madrid, Spain. After graduate school in Boston, she was stationed at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, where she served seven years as an Assistant Professor teaching Communications and Leadership. Crystal enjoys outdoor living and has run three marathons and climbed Pikes Peak three times. She and her husband, Dan hike and camp and enjoy life in a mountain town in the foothills of Pikes Peak.

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