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Complying with the increasing number of regulations has become a top concern for credit unions. The League has developed a comprehensive suite of dues-supported services to help credit unions navigate through the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Information Central

The Information Central Hotline provides member credit unions with compliance resources to meet regulatory and legal obligations. Our staff works diligently to ensure that member credit unions have access to changes that affect their business. All credit union staff are encouraged to utilize this dues-based service.

To reach Information Central, call 512-853-8515 or 800-442-5762, ext. 8515.


InfoSight is your first stop when searching for compliance answers. It operates as an online compliance manual at your fingertips, containing federal and state-specific content that is accurate, concise, and detailed on a wide range of topics and issues.
As part of InfoSight, the League sends out a weekly eNewsletter highlighting regulatory changes, hot topics in compliance, and comment calls.

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CU Policy Pro

As a benefit of membership in Cornerstone Credit Union League, you have access to CU PolicyPro. The online CU PolicyPro system features more than 200 customizable model policies, developed and written by regulatory experts specifically for credit unions. You can upload and maintain all of your existing policies in a fully indexed, easily accessible online manual.

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ComplySight, a collaborative product of InfoSight, CUNA, and Cornerstone Credit Union League, streamlines compliance management in your credit union. It serves as your credit union's universal compliance management tool providing tracking, visibility, and measurements to address compliance initiatives through a single application. It automatically provides your credit union with regulatory alerts and updates.

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Comment Calls

When the U.S. Congress or the State Legislature passes a law affecting credit unions, the regulatory agencies must usually write the implementing regulations. They may view the law from an academic “ivory tower” or with a philosophy that does not always take into consideration the day-to-day operational problems credit unions will have. This is where your comment letters can make a difference; your comments inform regulators and may help make the final regulations clearer and more workable.

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Cornerstone Comment Letters

Whenever a new regulation or proposed standard is open for comment, Cornerstone is on the frontlines, researching the issues and speaking with members of the industry on the impact these changes might make. Cornerstone’s staff attorneys meticulously review the proposed language and issue comment letters on behalf of members to the let the regulators know our voices must be heard. We also make comment letters available so that credit unions may utilize them as a template for writing their own letters.

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State vs. Federal CUs

Don't believe the myths. Federal credit unions must follow state law, and state-chartered credit unions must follow federal NCUA regulations.

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Regulatory Resource Center

As a dues-supported benefit of membership, Cornerstone provides valuable resources on regulatory matters.

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Support Cards

Our online Support Cards are available free of charge to affiliated credit unions and are designed to provide a quick reference for common problems and situations in the credit union.

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Training Videos

Cornerstone creates training videos to help credit unions with the complex compliance issues they face. Training videos are mailed out to credit unions and/or available online upon their completion.

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