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National CU PAC Gets Noticed for Support of CU-Friendly Candidates

Oct 18, 2018
You know credit unions are making an impact when Washington, D.C., sits up and takes notice. Yesterday, two pieces ran in Politico and The Hill about how our federal PAC, CULAC, is investing heavily to defend our credit union friends in tough reelection races

You know credit unions are making an impact when Washington, D.C., sits up and takes notice. Yesterday, two pieces ran in Politico and The Hill about how our federal PAC, CULAC, is investing heavily to defend our credit union friends in tough reelection races. 

This week, CUNA is launching an advertising and direct mail effort in support of five vulnerable Democrats and Republicans who have backed the credit union movement's legislative priorities.  

In the Senate, CUNA is helping Democrats who took hits from their own party for backing a financial deregulation bill that became law in May. The association is spending $525,000 on digital advertising and direct mail supporting Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.) and $250,000 for digital ads and mail supporting Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.).

In the House, CUNA is buying a mix of ads and direct mail supporting Reps. Tom O'Halleran(D-Ariz.), Steve Chabot (R-Ohio), and Pete Sessions (R-Texas). It's also launching a website for Sessions—

The independent expenditures—ads for the general public that are not coordinated with a candidate’s campaigns—are upbeat and positive; they help the candidates by cutting through all the depressing, negative noise. 

CUNA collaborates with leagues around the country, including Cornerstone Credit Union League, on all partisan communications aimed at credit union members. 

"We're pleased that CULAC, CUNA and, by extension, credit unions are receiving press in D.C.," said Cornerstone President/CEO Caroline Willard. "More importantly, we're excited about the momentum of these targeted and independent political campaigns, and we're optimistic about the chances of our credit union-friendly candidates winning their elections. This is why we are such strong advocates for the PACs. I want to thank CUNA and CULAC for their incredible efforts on behalf of credit unions."