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Finding creative ways to serve you

by Cornerstone Credit Union League | May 20, 2020

As we as a nation enter the next phase of opening our doors, Cornerstone is continuing to focus on what’s most important to you, including advocacy, small credit union support, and compliance resources. We’ve found new ways to serve you through webinars, virtual roundtables and meetings, and by finding other innovative ways to provide development opportunities.

During yesterday’s roundtable, we touched on the fact that although this has been a difficult time, it’s also provided opportunities to think outside of the box and create new solutions for credit union members. We are starting to look beyond COVID-19 and can see a return to some sense of normalcy. At the same time, we're seeing new leaders emerge.

Many of our credit unions have come up with creative ways to serve their members, including setting up new digital channels and conducting transactions at the drive-thrus that were previously only conducted inside the lobby.

We are grateful to you, our financial first responders. May you, your team, and your members stay safe as you continue opening your branches and bringing your employees back to work.

Best regards,

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Caroline Willard
Cornerstone Credit Union League