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Endorsement by San Angelo radio DJ shows true impact of credit unions

by Cornerstone Credit Union League | Mar 25, 2020

Matthew Drake, regional sales manager and morning show host for 103.5 JACK FM in San Angelo, Texas, recently endorsed Texas Trust Credit Union and Brett Nikolauk, the credit union’s VP of West Texas operations, during his morning broadcast. Drake stressed that this was not a paid endorsement. It was a personal connection.

A few years ago, Drake and his wife moved to San Angelo and had taken some big hits in business that devastated them financially, resulting in a low credit score.

“I needed help, needed someone to take a chance on me to give me a hand up,” said Drake. “Luckily, through going out and pitching advertising, I ran into a branch and a man. The branch was Texas Trust, and the man was/is Brett Nikolauk.”

Drake added, “He and his team took a chance on me. When I had lost hope and truly could not see any light or a way out of the depression I faced due to my financial situation, he threw me a life vest. I will forever be grateful to Texas Trust Credit Union! I will never ever take my business somewhere else.”

Nikolauk was humbled by Drake’s endorsement. “I was happy to be able to help him and never expected a thank you. I have been in the credit union industry for many years surrounded by likeminded people—people with honesty, integrity, and a servant’s heart. We still grow one member at a time by earning trust and confidence. Our members, their families, and our community are not just marketing targets, they are neighbors and friends. I want them all to be successful, and I truly hope we can make the difference. When life happens and someone has been knocked down, they need a hand up. Credit unions are here for that purpose. I pray every day that I be given the chance to bless someone and hope I don’t miss the opportunity.”