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Cornerstone Foundation helps CUs when natural disasters strike

by Cornerstone Credit Union League | Mar 25, 2020

When a disaster strikes, credit union employees, their families, and their volunteers often need help with basic expenses, like shelter, food, transportation, or home repairs. The Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation is here to help and is committed to the credit union philosophy of "people helping people." That's why its staff stands ready to support credit union communities, regardless of size, when disaster strikes.

Disasters are defined as fire, wind, hail, or flood damages to an individual’s home or vehicle. Money from the designated disaster relief fund gets distributed directly to those in need so they can stabilize their lives and continue to serve their members.

Here’s an example of how a disaster relief grant helped an Oklahoma credit union employee, following a flood. “I would love the opportunity to say thank you for the assistance given to me and my family during the flooding here in Muskogee back in May,” said Amanda Gardner, Muskogee Federal Credit Union. “Because of your help, I was able to make it work even though the detour was more than twice as long. With your help, I was able to cover some of the extra expenses me and my family needed in order to have electricity, food, and transportation. Thank you so much!”

“I want to express my gratitude to the Foundation for assisting me financially with the clean-up effort from the tornado that swept through Dallas,” said Rachel Guerra, Metro Medical Credit Union. “My neighbor’s tree was lifted from the roots and slammed down on my roof, creating a hole and damaging the right side of my home. Little did I know that I was going to be responsible for all the damage to my home, not to mention the cost of having the tree cut and removed from my property. I feel the disaster relief program for credit union employees was a blessing! Thank you again for being there and having such a fast response to my request for help.”

A disaster relief grant also helped a credit union staffer in Beaumont, Texas, after Tropical Storm Imelda hit south Texas. “I cannot tell you how much it meant to me to receive the grant from the Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation,” said Dana Arceneaux, Mobiloil Credit Union. “Flooding for the second time in two years has been extremely stressful. It’s people like you that make me feel blessed even in my mess! We currently have sheet rock in the house, which the money from you guys helped with. Thanks again for all you did.”

How much did the Foundation distribute in 2019?
Last year, the Foundation helped 160 credit union employees and 11 volunteers, representing 35 credit unions. The organization provided a total of nearly $173,000, and out of that, close to $119,000 was dispersed to Tropical Storm Imelda Phase I grant recipients.

Visit the Foundation website to learn more about the disaster relief program.