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Fort Worth City CU returns nearly $750,000 to members

by Cornerstone Credit Union League | Feb 13, 2020

Fort Worth City Credit Union in Fort Worth, Texas, returned close to $750,000 to its members in the form of bonus dividends and loan interest rebates.

Members who saved money in 2019 received a bonus dividend of 40% on the dividends they earned on their share account during the past 12 months. For example, if a member earned $100 in interest on their savings account in 2019, they earned an additional $40.

Members who borrowed money in 2019 were refunded 11% of the interest paid on all loans. For example, if they paid $500 in loan interest for 2019, they received a $55 interest refund posted to their savings account. This rebate was calculated for each loan they had, even first mortgage and home equity loans.

About Fort Worth City Credit Union
Fort Worth City Credit Union (FWCCU) serves the city of Fort Worth employees and their families, along with surrounding county residents. With more than 90 years of service and over $210 million in assets, FWCCU offers a long list of financial tools to help its members and their families achieve financial success.