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University FCU announces four employee changes

by Cornerstone Credit Union League | Jan 30, 2020

Tom Garrett - University FCUTom Garrett was named vice president, finance/CFO. Garrett has a long history of developing exceptional leaders. He will help the credit union with planning, developing, and executing finance, data analysis, and process improvement strategies to support the cooperative’s goals and objectives. He will focus on developing, retaining, and collaborating with the organization’s professionals.

Chris Miller - University FCUChris Miller was named vice president of asset protection. In this role, Miller will be responsible for UFCU’s overall security, including fraud prevention, business continuity and disaster recovery, emergency action planning, physical and information security, and facilities management.

Previously, Miller served as senior manager of asset protection. In addition to his new duties, Miller will be responsible for collections after he is named vice president of enterprise risk management following Ellen Simpson’s retirement in June 2020. Miller and Simpson will work together during the transition.

Jim Brown - University FCUJim Brown was named vice president of retail lending. In his new role, Brown will lead UFCU’s consumer, mortgage, and insurance services.

He will direct retail lending operations and insurance services to implement initiatives to meet member needs and oversee all retail lending and insurance functions, including long-term strategy development, implementation, and oversight. He will also monitor and analyze local and national market conditions and recommend action as needed. Previously, Brown served as director of retail lending.

Mike Clifford - University FCUMike Clifford was named EVP of operations and strategy. Clifford is replacing Yung Tran, who retired at the end of 2019 after 24 years of service.

Clifford will lead the planning, development, and execution of strategies and tactics to support UFCU’s programs and objectives. In addition to his new role, Clifford will continue to serve as chief information officer. Clifford joined UFCU in 2018. He is a seasoned executive with experience at a number of national and global brands, including Dell, PepsiCo, and Taco Bell.

Source: CreditUnionTimes