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Credit unions in the Cornerstone region rank in Top 200 of the Healthiest Credit Unions in America

by Cornerstone Credit Union League | Jan 13, 2020

DepositAccounts a subsidiary of LendingTree, released its list of the 2019 Top 200 Healthiest Credit Unions in America. Credit unions recognized in the top 200 from the Cornerstone region (listed in ranking order) are:

  • Pioneer Mutual FCU in Sugar Land, Texas: No. 4, A+ health rating
  • Austin Telco FCU in Austin, Texas: No. 20, A+ health rating
  • Nizari Progressive FCU in Sugar Land, Texas: No. 88, A+ health rating
  • Fort Worth City CU in Fort Worth, Texas: No. 90, A health rating
  • EECU in Fort Worth, Texas: No. 95, A+ health rating
  • Communication FCU in Oklahoma City: No 126, A+ health rating
  • GENCO FCU in Waco, Texas: No. 127, A+ health rating
  • Oklahoma Educators CU in Oklahoma City: No. 128, A+ health rating
  • Border FCU in Del Rio, Texas: No. 148, A+ health rating
  • TEXAR FCU in Texarkana, Texas: No. 161, A health rating
  • Oklahoma's CU in Oklahoma City: No. 166, A+ health rating
  • Randolph-Brooks FCU in Universal City, Texas: No. 170, A+ health rating
  • Telcoe FCU in Little, Ark.: No: 177, A+ health rating
  • DATCU in Denton, Texas: No. 199, A+ health rating

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