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InTouch CU’ Kent Lugrand agrees to be a ‘big wig’ for Susan G. Komen

by Cornerstone Credit Union League | Oct 10, 2019

InTouch Credit Union’s employees and executives are committed to serving and giving back to their community. As part of this, they’ve partnered with the Susan G. Komen® organization to truly make a difference in people’s lives. Over the last few years, executives at InTouch have offered to don a pink “big wig” to help raise money, supporting affected individuals and their families. 

InTouch CU’s President and CEO Kent Lugrand got involved through a wager with the credit union’s Executive Vice President Diane Gerstner, who serves on the Susan G. Komen North & West board as treasurer. Gerstner agreed to be a “big wig” last year, and the entire credit union supported her efforts. Lugrand assisted her by letting employees know that any contribution to the organization would give them the opportunity to wear jeans on certain days. Along with that, he made a bet with Gerstner that if she raised more than $10,000, not only would he don the wig, but he would wear a pink tutu as well. The staff at InTouch CU found out about the wager, and Gerstner met her fundraising goal.

To keep his promise, Lugrand donned the wig and tutu for the cause. However, what he didn’t expect to find was the number of people and families that have been affected by the disease. Many of his contributors have shared that their mother, sister, daughter, cousin, roommate, or close friend fell victim to or was a survivor of the disease.

InTouch CEO
InTouch CU’s President and CEO Kent Lugrand dons a pink “big wig” to help raise money for the Susan G. Komen organization.

“From a male’s perspective, I was unaware of how pervasive the disease still is in 2019,” said Lugrand. “My contribution, as small and somewhat embarrassing as it is, is a small price to help provide aid and resources to find a cure. It also occurred to me that as conservative as I am, offering to share copies of the big wig pictures to my friends, coworkers and family would provide an extra incentive for them to ‘get off the sidelines’ and contribute or get involved.”

He added, “Some may say it takes courage for a CEO to don a pink wig in public, but I KNOW it takes much more courage to face and battle the disease (including the admirable strength displayed by supportive family members).”

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For more information about the Susan G. Komen organization, visit the website.