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Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union is coming to you

by Carrie Buchholz | Sep 09, 2019

Wondering when Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® will launch in the Cornerstone region? We're excited to announce that Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas are in an excellent position to launch Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union in early 2020!

Join us for one of our live webinars:

These webinars will answer your questions about the Open Your Eyes awareness initiative and how we can bring this campaign to the Cornerstone region. We encourage senior management and marketing professionals to join in the discussion. During the webinar, you’ll hear the latest details about the campaign, the long-term impact of the initiative, and how credit unions will benefit from participating.

See how it works
The awareness initiative helps credit unions break barriers by putting them at the center of consumer consideration to join. With your contribution, collectively as a movement, we will show consumers that credit unions are their best financial partner, boosting return on assets, and bringing a greater share of consumer assets held by banks to credit unions.

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