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Perspectives Magazine features articles on women and leadership

by Carrie Buchholz | Aug 13, 2019

Check your mailbox for the latest edition of Perspectives. You can also find the magazine online.

In Volume 14, Issue 2, you'll find an article on “Creating Male Champions to Support and Promote Women Leaders,” which provides information on defining the problem, providing processes for change, overcoming obstacles, and paving the way for male champions.

“Mentors—who provide guidance and advice—are helpful to anyone’s career,” said Nancy Krawczyk, vice president, corporate partnerships and engagement for the Network of Executive Women. “Sponsors—who raise your profile, foster your development, and advocate for your career—are critical. Male champions ensure women have the same development opportunities as men to get the experience they need to advance.”

Why is it important to uncover unconscious gender bias? “Because it’s keeping you up at night,” said James Pogue, Ph.D., expert speaker, researcher, consultant, and coach who specializes in diversity and inclusion and unconscious bias. “Because talking about sensitive issues is a ‘right now’ imperative, and because the impact to the bottom line is clear and evident.””

Perspectives, the quarterly publication of the Cornerstone Credit Union League, is offered to affiliated credit unions as a dues-supported service.

If you are not an employee or volunteer of a Cornerstone-affiliated credit union and would like to subscribe to this publication, you can purchase an annual subscription for $20. If you have any questions about subscriptions, contact Paula Harris at 469-385-6677 or