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Learn about Lone Star's 'Good2go@work' program

by Carrie Buchholz | Aug 13, 2019

Lone Star Credit Union President/CEO Becky Reed joins host Mike Lawson on CU Broadcast to not only share and embrace her inner geekiness for anything tech but how her credit union has enhanced its member service beyond the branch.

Reed discusses how Lone Star has upped its mobile branch game—its "Branch in a Box"—with Good2go@work program, sending credit union staff directly to members with laptops that essentially act as full-service branches.

"In our industry we talk a lot about creating a frictionless experience for our members, and this is our answer to that," said Reed. "We have branded this program 'Good2go@work' and send our employees out to the workplace for added convenience. Since our staff can access their work desktop, they can provide full service to our members anywhere!"

Source: CU Broadcast