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Attend July 25 Compliance Council Webinar: Your Role and Responsibilities in Compliance and Risk Management

by Jessica Wood | Jul 10, 2019

Plan to attend the Compliance Council’s Webinar: Your Role and Responsibilities in Compliance and Risk Management on July 25 and learn about key elements of your role as a compliance professional, strategies, communications, and pressing regulatory compliance issues.

Compliance continues to be front and center in the current credit union business cycle because financial services are the most highly regulated industry in the country. Every product, service, and delivery channel is covered by multiple laws, rules, and regulations. And with every applicable rule comes more risk of a compliance violation.

Do you ever feel you need a quick refresher about what is really important in the compliance and risk management universe? From the latest compliance challenges to the secrets of recognizing a loaded question, David Reed reviews the key elements of your role as a compliance professional. Join this interactive session as we refocus our attention on the pressing matters of regulatory compliance. Whether you are a novice or veteran compliance geek, there will be something for everyone.

The session will cover:

  • Breaking down compliance and your role within it;
  • Establishing essential elements of strategic compliance;
  • Understanding (and adjusting) your job description;
  • Understanding the keys to communicating compliance; and
  • Highlighting the operational value of compliance.


Compliance Council Members: $25
Noncompliance Council Members: $50 (includes 2019 Compliance Council membership)

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Presenter: David A. Reed

David ReedAttorney, author, consultant, and trainer David A. Reed is a partner with Reed and Jolly, PLLC. Reed provides guidance to credit unions in the establishment and revision of policies and procedures, organizational compliance, collections, security, contractual agreements, regulatory matters, and corporate governance. In addition to his legal expertise, Reed is a certified fraud examiner and chairman of a supervisory committee.

A former trial attorney and vice president/general counsel of Apple Federal Credit Union, Reed is an expert in credit union operations, governance, security, bankruptcy, and collections. He received his undergraduate degree from Virginia Tech and his doctorate in law from George Mason University School of Law.