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Striving for diversity, equity, and inclusion

by Jessica Wood | Jun 12, 2019

Credit unions are for everyone, no matter where you live, what you look like, or how much you earn. We pride ourselves on our cooperative principles that preserve our mission of “people helping people,” and there are 115 million American members that know our difference firsthand.

But we’re not perfect. We can, and should, do better. We can do more to welcome new members who consistently fall on the margins of financial services. We can recruit and retain more diversity in our ranks. We can be an example to others that think inclusion waters down competition. Because we know that we all get better the more welcoming we are in our communities.

We also must recognize the faults in society that can permeate our movement like they do every industry. We can’t have any individual walk away from a conference or meeting feeling objectified or harassed. We all need to speak out when we see unacceptable behavior and make it known that it is entirely against our cooperative principles and will not be tolerated.

Our movement is our people. We have so many passionate, dedicated, and inspiring individuals leading us into the future. CUNA is your partner, and we have made it part of our mission to make our movement welcoming for everyone.

Source: CUNA