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Communicating the Credit Union Difference

Those of us within the credit union movement understand the impact credit unions have on their members. It is becoming vital that we learn to communicate the credit union difference and how we can uniquely serve our communities.

Cornerstone is providing the following resources to guide our credit unions in promoting that difference:

Feel the Difference Campaign

As a value to the credit unions we serve, Cornerstone Credit Union League offers up this online marketing tool kit to assist you in your efforts to acquire and retain members.

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A Smarter Choice

Credit unions make a difference for their members and the communities they serve., a project of the nation’s credit unions, was developed to help everyone understand that credit unions are the best option for consumers for conducting their financial business.


Credit Unions Care

The Credit Unions Care Campaign increases visibility and awareness by illustrating the many ways credit unions give back. It's a great opportunity for communities to understand that "people helping people" is not only a philosophy but the way credit unions do business.


Seven Cooperative Principles

The Seven Cooperative Principles are a set of fundamental values and philosophies that guide credit unions and cooperatives in equality, fairness, and mutual self-help. While they have been updated from their original form, many credit unions use the Seven Cooperative Principles as part of their mission to serve their members; and they communicate these principles to members as a strategic differentiator.

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