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Consumer Awareness Initiative

CUNA's "Open Your Eyes" Initiative Going Live in Cornerstone Region

It's Time to Open Your Eyes to Credit UnionsIn 2019, Cornerstone pivoted away from its "Feel the Difference" consumer awareness and went all in with CUNA's "Open Your Eyes" Consumer Awareness Initiative. We are raising funds now and expect to go live with digital advertising in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas in the coming months with a hard launch for all of 2020 and 2021.

We can be proud of the fact that our league was on the forefront of a new, tech- and research-driven consumer awareness effort that is cutting edge. In 2017 and 2019, we delivered a consumer awareness initiative that was 100 percent digital, targeting those consumers 18-34 years old who have yet to feel the difference of members in credit unions across three states.

Cornerstone has worked closely with CUNA during the past two years as it prepared "Open Your Eyes" to go live across the country as part of its Creating Awareness Advisory Group.


Benefits of "Open Your Eyes"

The benefits of "Open Your Eyes" to Cornerstone's credit unions are numerous. The scale, potential impact, and commitment to a singular voice and single message are what drove Cornerstone and its board of directors to shift from our local effort to this national effort.

  • A true national initiative achieved through highly-coordinated regional advertising and communications programs that will overcome the myths that prevent consumers from considering us.
  • An updated image for credit unions in a rapidly changing financial services market place full of disruptive non-traditional financial institutions.
  • Alignment of coherent messages seen and heard by consumers wherever they are in the country implicitly suggests a far-reaching and consistent offer from a national network of financial service providers that put their members first.
  • Access to creative content, research briefings, and other material you can put to work in your own marketing programs to build market share.

What is "Open Your Eyes?"

It's a digital advertising initiative with a to increase consumer consideration of membership in credit unions. Research told us that consumers knew about credit unions (98 percent of Americans have heard of a credit union), but that 72 percent weren't likely to consider membership in one. We need to increase consideration by overcoming two widely held myths about membership:

  • I can't join
  • Accessing my money may be hard

Thank you to the credit unions that have already committed to supporting "Open Your Eyes" in the Cornerstone region


  • Alcoa Community FCU (Benton)
  • Cooperative Extension Service FCU (Little Rock)
  • Dillard's FCU (Little Rock)
  • Hurricane Creek FCU (Benton)
  • Pine FCU (Pine Bluff)
  • Priority FCU (Russellville)
  • Subiaco FCU (Subiaco)
  • UP Arkansas FCU (North Little Rock)


  • Allegiance CU (Oklahoma City)
  • Arbuckle FCU (Ada)
  • Cherokee Strip CU (Ponca City)
  • Communication FCU (Oklahoma City)
  • Oklahoma Central CU (Tulsa)
  • Oklahoma's CU (Oklahoma City)
  • True Sky CU (Oklahoma City)
  • TTCU FCU (Tulsa)
  • WEOKIE FCU (Oklahoma City)
  • Western Sun FCU (Broken Arrow)


  • 1st University CU (Waco)
  • A New Direction CU (Dallas)
  • A+ FCU (Austin)
  • Allied FCU (Arlington)
  • AMOCO FCU (Texas City)
  • Amplify CU (Austin)
  • Baylor Health Care System CU (Dallas)
  • Border FCU (Del Rio)
  • Caprock Santa Fe CU (Slaton)
  • Community Resource CU (Baytown)
  • Doches CU (Nacogdoches)
  • Energy Capital CU (Houston)
  • First Class American CU (Fort Worth)
  • First Service CU (Houston)
  • Houston Highway CU (Houston)
  • InvesTex CU (Humble)
  • JSC FCU (Houston)
  • KBR Heritage CU (Houston)
  • Linkage CU (Waco)
  • MCT CU (Port Neches)
  • Members CU (Cleburne)
  • Members Trust of the SW FCU (Houston)
  • MemberSource CU (Houston)
  • Metro Medical CU (Dallas)
  • My CU (Watauga)
  • Neighborhood CU (Dallas)
  • Prestige Community CU (Dallas)
  • PrimeWay FCU (Houston)
  • Randolph-Brooks FCU (Universal City)
  • Resource One CU (Dallas)
  • Sabine FCU (Orange)
  • Select FCU (San Antonio)
  • Shared Resources CU (Pasadena)
  • Smart Financial CU (Houston)
  • Southland FCU (Lufkin)
  • Southwest 66 CU (Odessa)
  • Space City CU (Houston)
  • Tarrant County's CU (Fort Worth)
  • Texas Health CU (Austin)
  • Texas Trust CU (Mansfield)
  • Transtar FCU (Houston)
  • University FCU (Austin)
  • Victoria FCU (Victoria)

Open Your Eyes Funding Model

Ready to Add Your Credit Union's Name to the List of Participating Credit Unions?

With your contribution, collectively as a movement we will boost ROA and bring a greater share of the 93% of consumer assets held by banks to credit unions. Together, we can bring more consumers to their best financial partner - credit unions.

Cornerstone and CUNA have a funding model in place that allows for credit unions to contribute the lesser of two amounts — $1 per member or asset-based funding tiers — for 2019-2021.

Contact Cornerstone President/CEO Caroline Willard to learn how you can begin participating today.