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Application for the Juntos Avanzamos Designation

This application is intended for credit unions who are interested in earning the Cornerstone Credit Union League's Juntos Avanzamos designation. Once your application is submitted, the International Credit Union Relationship Committee will review it. All credit unions that complete the application will be notified once the committee makes its decision. Thank you for your interest in the Juntos Avanzamos designation.

Credit Union Information

who speak English and Spanish
Please examine the following areas within your credit union as it relates to Hispanic outreach and mark whether you have or have not completed a step with a yes or no. Feel free to add comments in the comment section to clarify or further explain your answer. Please note that some steps are mandatory for designation and that the applicant must score 42 points out of the possible 60 points.</strong


Board of directors has, collaboratively with management, developed a strategic plan with milestones and goals for serving Hispanic populations. (2 points) *

Board of directors has received adequate training to understand Hispanic populations. (1 point) *

Credit union has general knowledge of how many Hispanic members they currently have. (2 points) *

Board of directors believes reaching Hispanic populations is a critical strategy for long-term member and asset growth. (2 points) *

Demographic and focus group research has been conducted to understand the make-up of the Hispanic community as well as their needs and the relevance of financial products. (1 point) *

Credit union knows the degree to which its staff embraces the Hispanic initiative. (2 points) *


All employees have received training on issues related to reaching Hispanic populations (e.g. diversity training, cultural nuances and values, national and generational differences). (2 points) *

Credit union has bilingual Hispanics in member-facing positions. (2 points) *

Employees are incented to participate in Hispanic community events. (2 points) *

An internal Hispanic task force/advisory committee or other feedback mechanism has been created to collect employee feedback to improve service to Hispanics. (2 points) *


Credit union provides at least 2 of the following products and services that are competitively priced and accessible to Spanish-speakers: (4 points) *

Credit union provides first-time homebuyer and affordable housing programs in a way that is relevant to Hispanics. (2 points) *

Credit union provides financial education classes/counseling. (2 points) *

Credit union provides personal loans for individuals who use an ITIN. (2 points) *

Promotion and Marketing Strategy

Credit union has developed a marketing plan to reach Hispanic populations. (3 points) *

Credit union has developed a strategy of effectively serve Hispanics through their facilities (signage, architecture, location). (2 points) *

Promotion and Marketing Strategy

Marketing materials contain information that is relevant, simple and transparent and culturally-relevant images and messages. (2 points) *

Relevant marketing materials and signage have been translated culturally (captures intent of English version). (2 points) *

At least 2 of the following member service documents are translated to Spanish and endorsed by a qualified legal or compliance expert: (4 points) *

Credit union has produced culturally relevant advertising and advertises in media used by the area's Hispanics. (2 points) *


Bilingual member-serving staff have name badges and/or signs identifying them as bilingual. (2 points) *

Credit union displays outdoor and indoor signage relevant to the surrounding Hispanic population(s) at appropriate locations. (2 points) *

Credit union has a physical presence (branch, kiosk, ATM, service counter, shared branch, outreach efforts, etc.) in a largely Hispanic area. (2 points) *

Credit union has extended business hours beyond 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. and on weekends. (1 point) *


Credit union has established at least 2 long-term relationships with any of the following community partners trusted by the Hispanic community: (4 points) *

Credit union partners or provides at least 2 of the below-listed financial literacy opportunities for Hispanic members and potential members on the topics of: (4 points) *

Please have CEO check the box and enter his/her name and date: *