May 2015 Chapter Report

2015 HIKE THE HILL – Registration OPEN

Hike the HillMark your calendar and make plans to attend the 2015 Hike the Hill in Washington, DC, June 22–24.  This year’s event takes a bit of a twist as we spend one day focused on regulatory related issues and one day on Capitol Hill for legislative meetings. 

As credit unions continue to struggle with increasing regulatory burdens, this event provides the perfect opportunity to speak up and let your collective voices be heard with the agencies that regulate us. We intend to meet with NCUA, CFPB, and other agencies. 

While there is no fee to attend Hike the Hill, we ask that you please visit the Cornerstone League website to register for the event. 

Additionally, hotel reservations may be made at the Renaissance Mayflower Hotel at the rate of $239/night plus tax. Our group rate expires on May 29, so don’t wait to book your room.

Keep your eye on the Leaguer for more details or check the League’s website for updates on scheduled meetings. In the meantime, gather your essential advocacy staff and begin planning your trip now.

If you have questions about this event, contact Gretchen Ziegler at (469) 385-6484 or


Member Engagement Program

Member Engagement ProgramThe Cornerstone Credit Union League has developed a Member Rewards Program, and all credit unions will receive points for their engagement and usage of League services and initiatives. The program includes a multitude of services that your credit union may already be taking advantage of, but now you will receive points for using them. Some of the services included are Project Zip Code, Information Central, live seminar attendance, council membership, CU mentoring program, and many, many more.

For more information, please visit, the Member Engagement Program page.

Chapters Earn $$$ When Credit Union Staff Update Their Cornerstone Profiles

Need a quick and easy way to earn money for your chapter? Here's a super easy solution: ask all of your member credit unions to update the profiles of their staff on Cornerstone's website. Yes, it's that easy.

Credit Union Resources is giving $1 to each chapter for every person in that chapter who updates his/her profile. That can add up to a lot of dollars! Since the updating campaign began on April 1, more than 600 people have updated their profiles. That's $600 being disbursed among the chapters in which the individuals credit union is a member.

Why would you want to update your profile?

Cornerstone Credit Union League and Credit Union Resources want to enhance your membership experience and provide you with more relevant information. Help us target the messages you receive so you get the communications you want and avert those you don't.

The process for updating your individual profile is quick and easy. Here's how:

  1. Go to the Cornerstone website and Log In to CUpassport with your user name and password.
  2. Take a minute to review your profile information and edit if needed.
  3. Review and update your choice on Primary Job Area.
  4. On the next page, review and update Areas of Interest.
  5. Click Save.

You're done!

Chapter leaders, please request that your credit unions ask staff to update their individual profiles today and earn easy money for your chapter. $1 per profile! Here's an idea for your next chapter meeting: set up a laptop computer at your meeting site for profile updates. The profile update campaign runs through Friday, September 4th. Profile progress reports will be communicated to chapter leaders periodically. Results will be announced at the Cornerstone Credit Union League 2015 Leadership Conference.

Fundraising for Children's Miracle Network

Are you sponsoring a fundraising function for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals? Do you want promotional materials with the CMNH logo attached?

Go to for a wide selection of materials such as banners, canisters, golf balls, balloons, pins, pads, and shirts.

Upcoming Children’s Miracle Network events:

For participating telethon stations or other CMNH information, contact Rick Grady at (469) 385-6485 or



The Cornerstone CU Foundation Wants YOU to Win a Ford Mustang!

Mustang ManiaAre you feeling lucky today? If so, your odds of winning a 2015 Ford Mustang through the Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation’s Mustang Mania campaign are considerably better than winning the lottery!

Mustang Mania, launched at the League Annual Meeting, offers an incredible opportunity for YOU to support the Foundation’s three main initiatives: financial education programs for youth and adults, professional development for credit union staff and volunteers, and disaster relief for credit union staff when disaster strikes.

The Foundation is thrilled to announce that at the League’s Leadership Conference and Expo in September they will be giving away a 2015 Red Ford Mustang, provided in part by Sam Pack’s Five Star Ford.

Chances to win are $35 each, or three for $100, and only 3,000 tickets will be sold. The odds are absolutely in your favor. The drawing will be held on September 10, and the winner does not need to be present to win. The winner will be responsible for tax, title, and license fees.   

Tickets will be available at various events in the Cornerstone region or to purchase today, please contact the Foundation staff. To view a list of events where tickets will be available and to learn more about the Foundation’s initiatives, please visit the Foundation’s website, The winner will be announced at the League Leadership Conference on September 10.


2015 ALM Workshops

Understanding Your Credit Union’s Asset/Liability Management Process
Cornerstone Credit Union League brings a convenient, economical opportunity for Asset/Liability Management training in your area with a set of comprehensive ALM Workshops.

Led by Deborah Rightmire, vice president of ALM Resources or Howard Bufe, assistant vice president of OnBalance, these workshops are comprised of two days and provide an excellent opportunity for management, staff, ALCO members, and board to enhance their knowledge of asset/liability management. We look forward to your participation in the following workshops.
Day One: ALM Essentials Workshop
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Day Two: ALM Implementation Workshop
9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Dates and Locations:
Houston, May 13 and 14
MemberSource CU
10100 Richmond Avenue
Houston, TX 77042
Lubbock, June 17 and 18
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Lubbock West
6023 45th Street
Lubbock, TX 79407

McAllen, June 24 and 25
The Meeting Center at McAllen Public Library
4001 N. 23rd Street
McAllen, TX 78504
Port Arthur, July 29 and 30
FivePoint Credit Union
4401 Highway 73
Port Arthur, TX 77642-2220
Oklahoma City, August 11 and 12
Credit Union House
631 E. Hill Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Dallas, August 12 and 13
Cornerstone Credit Union League
4455 LBJ Freeway, 10th Floor Board Room
Farmers Branch, TX 75244
Little Rock, October 20 and 21
Arkansas Credit Union Association
1023 W. Capitol Avenue
Little Rock, AR 72201
This meeting is sponsored by:  Credit Union Resources
Contact: Vicki Larkin, (800) 442-5762, ext. 6497
Please visit our website for a complete listing of other convenient and economical ALM educational opportunities.

2015 Residential Real Estate Compliance & Mortgage Lending Seminars

May 12–13, 2015
Little Rock, Arkansas
More Information & Registration

Day One Topics

  • Completing the application, action taken, and monitoring
  • Processing checklist and duties, homeownership counseling, changed circumstances,
  • APR, tolerances, finance charges, preliminary disclosures (GFE & TIL)
  • Loan estimate overview (effective Aug. 1, 2015)
  • Ability to repay and qualified mortgages, Appendix Q
  • HPMLs, HPCTs and high-cost/HOEPA escrows and appraisals

Day Two Topics

  • Ability to repay and qualified mortgages, Appendix Q
  • HPMLs, HPCTs, and high-cost/HOEPA escrows and appraisals
  • Appraisals and evaluation procedures, flood requirements
  • Closing disclosure overview (effective Aug. 1, 2015)
  • APR, tolerances, finance charges, violations, and cures
  • Modifications, extensions, renewals vs. refinancing
  • Right of rescission troubleshooting
  • Detailed clarifications—integrated disclosures
  • LE and CD effective Aug. 1, 2015) – RESPA/TILA

2015 IRA Seminars

May 1213, 2015
Dallas, Texas
More Information & Registration

Day One – Seminar Highlights

  • Traditional IRA eligibility and deductibility requirements
  • Roth IRA eligibility and qualified distributions rules
  • SEPs and SIMPLES
  • How to move IRA money: rollovers and transfers
  • How to move money from company retirement plans
  • What happens if there is too much money put in an IRA
  • What happens when the customer takes money out at 59-1/2, 70-1/2, and death
  • Do IRAs have penalties? Who collects the penalty?
  • How does the IRS know the money is going in and out of an IRA
  • What paperwork needs to be completed to open and close an IRA
  • Coverdell Education Savings Accounts

Day Two – Seminar Highlights

  • Quick product review and update
  • Qualified retirement plan rollovers and common errors
  • Conversions, re-characterizations, revocations, and reconversions
  • Excess contributions
  • Compliance issues: how to audit your IRAs
  • Reporting to the IRS: A to Z
  • How to correct reporting to the IRS
  • 70-1/2 distributions, death distributions
  • Withholding
  • Common IRA errors and solutions
  • Prohibited transactions
  • Health Savings Accounts

Other 2015 IRA Seminar Dates

Oklahoma City, Oct. 67
Earlybird deadline: Sept. 22

Little Rock, Nov. 1718
Earlybird deadline: Nov. 3

Compliance Review Seminar

May 14, 2015
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
More Information & Registration

Deposit Regulation Update—Compliance Issues 2015
2015 brings new challenges for credit unions on the federal side with regulatory changes and updates. This program focuses on the hot spots for deposit/share operations of the credit union. We examine UDAAP, Regulation CC holds, prepaid cards, remote deposit capture, third-party vendor management and virtual branches. If it is happening in 2015, we address it in this compliance round up of the federal rules and their impact on your credit union.

2015 Bankruptcy & Collections Seminars

May 20–21, 2015
Little Rock, Arkansas
More Information & Registration

Bankruptcy Seminars


  • Auto liens
  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Reaffirmation Agreements
  • Proofs of claims
  • Bankruptcy essentials
  • Current & emerging problems in bankruptcy courts
  • Automatic stay issues
  • Payroll deductions
  • Credit reporting

Collections Seminars
Debt Collection Act Compliance & Collections Training


  • Collections training
  • Debt Collection Practices Act
  • Compliance issues in the collection department
  • Collection policies and procedures
  • Practical advice regarding effective telephone techniques and strategies

Other 2015 Bankruptcy & Collections Seminar Dates

Oklahoma City – Aug. 18–19
Earlybird deadline: July 28

Houston – Nov. 4–5
Earlybird deadline: Oct. 14

Southwest Lending Conference

Southwest Lending ConferenceMay 18–20, 2015
Southlake, Texas
More Information & Registration

"Performance Driven Lending" is the focus for next year's conference, which will be held in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. 

The credit union landscape is changing at a rapid pace. This annual conference is a great way for you and your credit union to ensure a spot on the leading edge of trends, hot topics, and regulatory issues within the industry. Learn from experts in the field who will assist you in developing new ideas and strategies to maximize loan growth.

This event is also a great opportunity to network with your peers and gain new ideas that are working at credit unions similar to yours. Make plans now to attend the conference and rev up your lending skills.

Compliance & Audit Conference

Compliance & Audit ConferenceJune 8–10, 2015
Oklahoma City, OK
More Information & Registration

Move in the Right Direction

Let us point you in the right direction—into the hottest credit union compliance topics, including data breaches, remote deposit capture, cyber security, employee fraud, and much more at the 2015 Compliance & Audit Conference in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Presented by industry-leading experts, you'll get the latest on what's hot now and what's coming up in credit union regulatory compliance.


  • Networking with compliance and audit professionals from credit unions in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas
  • Best practices
  • Compliance updates
  • Collaboration and training   

2015 HR Conference

HR ConferenceJune 8–10, 2015
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
More Information & Registration

Move in the Right Direction

Let us point you in the right direction! Back again for 2015. Two tracks will be offered for HR Professionals. One track geared towards the HR generalist in developing and maintaining those skills necessary to manage effective human resource functions. The other, an executive track, will include thought-provoking sessions designed to challenge the senior-level HR professional.


  • Networking with HR professionals from credits unions in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas
  • Best practices
  • HR updates
  • Collaboration and training

Volunteers Forum — Get on Target!

Volunteers ForumJune 10–12, 2015
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
More Information & Registration

General Session Highlight: The Future of Credit Union Governance
Les Wallace

The credit union movement has been rightfully proud of its volunteer board heritage. However, shifts in business environment, regulatory oversight, and governance expectations have put greater pressure on less experienced volunteers to capably guide the organization.

In the future, members wishing to run for office will be requested to certify not only business experience but also governance competency. Future requirements for continuing board education, regulatory oversight, annual self-assessments, CEO evaluation, enterprise risk management, transparency, virtual meetings, term limits, and board member succession will change the complexion of not only board makeup but also board process.
This session looks into the not-too-distant future at how credit union boards may be challenged and how future board members can be credentialed as governance competent.
  • Networking with volunteers from credits unions in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas
  • Best Practices
  • Future Trends
  • Collaboration & Training
Certificates of Attendance/Completion for Financial Literacy, BSA Training and Supervisory Committee for federal credit unions*


Small Credit Union Conference

Small Credit Union ConferenceJuly 11, 2015
Dallas, Texas

More Information & Registration

Registration is OPEN for the First Annual Small Credit Union Conference. This is the perfect opportunity for small credit unions in the Cornerstone region to come together for high-energy education and walk away with required trainings.

Training highlights:

  • Robbery and hostage training
  • BSA/OFAC training
  • Financial literacy
  • 2015/2016 NCUA exam highlights
  • Office of Small Credit Union Initiatives grants and services
  • Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation grants

The Small Credit Union Conference is designed to meet the needs of staff, directors, and volunteers of the credit union. All attendees will be provided with a certificate of attendance.

If you have any questions, please call Lorri Gaither (800) 442-5762, ext. 6423, or email

The Small Credit Union Conference is made possible from a Community Investment Fund grant. We would like to thank the Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation for their strong support of small credit union training events.


Bringing Leaders to the Table

Bring Leaders to the TableAssembling your leadership team for strategic focus will be the most important thing you can do for the credit union.

The ultimate goal of the planning process is to create a healthy credit union that is committed to it's purpose and core values.

Characteristics of a healthy credit union are:

  • A strong identity that provides service to others
  • Passion that is felt throught the organization
  • A complelling vision with workable long range goals and objectives
  • An empowering culture that develops people and fosters engagement
  • A renewal process in place to enable perserverance during difficult times

Our most popular dates are filling up quickly, Schedule your 2015 Planning Session soon.

Make your plans today! Visit us online.

Howard Bufe
800-442-5762 ext. 6820

Karen Houston-Johnson, CCUE, SCMS
800-442-5762 ext. 6626

Dean Borland, SCMS, CUDE
800-442-5762 ext. 6627


Academic Calendars Now Available2015-2016 Academic Calendars Available Now

Does your credit union serve education members? If so, the Academic Planning Calendar from Credit Union Resources is a great way to promote your credit union year-round. With monthly full-page calendars from August 2015-August 2016, the calendar features all major holidays and provides plenty of room for notes.

Each calendar has space for customized covers so your calendar is unique with the products and services your credit union offers. Last year, more than 60,000 calendars were ordered. Here's how the calendars can benefit you:

  • Get your credit union name or logo on the front
  • Full-page exposure on the back
  • Full-page exposure on the inside front cover
  • Full-page exposure on the inside of the back cover
  • Full opportunity to promote products and services
  • Custom covers are also available—just ask!

But hurry! The order deadline is Friday, May 29, with delivery scheduled for the week of July 13.

For more information or to download the order form, visit the CU Supermarket or contact Steve Stovall, AVP Marketing Services, at (469) 385-6473 with questions.