December 2017 Chapter Report
Increase Your CU's Political Power with Project Zip Code
Project Zip Code
December is Project Zip Code Month, where credit union advocates and grassroots groups rely on Project Zip Code, or PZC, to match credit union membership data to congressional and state legislative districts, as well as counties. Don't let the name fool you. This little computer program is a mighty resource for credit unions that wish to enhance their political power.
As you prepare for the upcoming CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference, Cornerstone asks that all credit unions in the region update their files. If you're not using Project Zip Code already, we strongly encourage you to look into it.
Why? Simple. In order to enhance political power, credit unions must be able to demonstrate that they can influence the outcome of elections. The PZC data has been used for Cornerstone, CUNA, and credit union advocacy efforts at federal, state, and local levels, proving itself time and again.
The desktop application of Project Zip Code allows users to design reports to get custom data about the number and locations of members as well. All of this is done securely, with no personal data or information leaving the user’s computer.
Since many credit union members reside in states other than the state where their credit union is located, the more participants, the more accurate the picture of each district. The program also benefits credit unions by showing where their members are geographically located, which can help with strategic planning, including new or shared branching or ATM placement.
If you have questions about Project Zip Code, please contact April Krause at 469-385-6487 or at


Thank You for Your Support!
The Cornerstone Foundation staff and trustees thank you for your support in 2017 and welcome your continued contributions in 2018. We encourage credit unions to check the Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation box on your annual dues statement.
Your donation can make a difference across the Cornerstone region through scholarships and educational training grants, financial capability initiatives, emergency assistance for credit union staff and volunteers when disaster strikes, and by helping credit unions reach out to their communities.

Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Efforts
CU AidAs of December 4, a total of $1,977,126 has been raised for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, via the CSCUF website and the NCUF's CUAid. 1,329 Phase I grants totaling $1,196,155 have been processed thus far.   
CEOs of staff and volunteers who received Cornerstone Credit Union FoundationPhase I grants were notified on 11/3 that the CSCUF was entering into Phase II of its disaster relief process. The deadline for all Phase II grant applications is December 8. The CSCUF Grants Committee will convene in mid-December to review all requests.
Phase II grants are available up to $5,000, but the amounts of the individual grants will be dependent on the total disaster relief funds available. We will continue our fundraising efforts for additional fund contributions over the next couple of months, through local channels as well as via CUAid. Click on the CUAid link to make your generous contribution today!


Cornerstone Leadership Academy
The Cornerstone Leadership Academy was designed by credit union professionals for credit union professionals.
Leadership AcademyWith a clear focus on building leaders within our credit unions the Academy allows for growth through engagement.
The objective is to promote the overall industry, tie leaders closer to the credit union movement, and provide an avenue to receive mentoring and discuss leadership philosophy. Whether students are 30 days or 30 years into their career, this program is ideal for participants who are looking to grow, but also for current leaders to further demonstrate their expanded knowledge.
Here's what chapters & students can expect:
  • One day of learning per month in a classroom-style setting.
  • 9-month program delivered by the chapter.
  • Training designed by credit union leaders for credit union leaders.
  • Learning from "best of the best" facilitators and guest speakers.
  • Pairing with a specially chosen mentor.
  • In-depth leadership philosophy with seasoned professionals.
  • A springboard to next-level leadership training and positions.
  • Collaboration on an immersive leadership project.
  • Monthly Leadership “Lunch and Learn” sessions.
  • All ranges of credit union professionals accepted.
In a classroom-style environment, facilitators lead students through topics such as:
  • Credit Union History & Culture
  • Advocacy
  • Compliance
  • Leadership
  • Branch Operations
  • Lending
  • Project Management
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Accounting and Finance
The Academy culminates in a graduation where students get to display all they have learned in a final presentation to benefit their credit union and their members.
Interested in Starting the Academy at Your Chapter? Contact: Corina Balsells, 469-385-6642,

Annual Meeting & Expo
April 18-20, 2018
Little Rock, Arkansas

Council Webinars - Various dates and topics in Dec.
CUNA GAC – February 25 - March 1, 2018
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Enhance the Value of Membership with TurboTax®
TurboTaxThe Love My Credit Union® Rewards TurboTax program provides your members with savings of up to $15 on TurboTax federal products. The program also helps you enhance the value of members and build member loyalty. Many of your members may already be using TurboTax and not getting a discount. Help your members save on TurboTax this coming tax season.
Great for your members
  • Save up to $15 on TurboTax with maximum refund guaranteed
  • CompleteCheck™ – Guides members through fixing errors before filing, checks for missing and incomplete information
  • W-2 Snap – Members take a snapshot of their form and TurboTax auto-fills the information
  • 100% Accurate Calculations Guarantee
Great for your credit union
  • Build member loyalty and enhance the value of membership
  • Capture refunds – Over $238B in refunds were directly deposited into financial institutions last tax season*
  • Add new recurring revenue streams; cross-sell your products and services
    (IRAs, loan rates and credit cards) to members on your TurboTax microsite
Visit to learn more and enroll your credit union today!
*IRS cumulative statistics comparing 04/22/2016 and 04/21/2017