April 2018 Chapter Report
Calling all Chapter Leaders!
Chapter Leaders Conference
Did you know there are over 30 chapters across the Cornerstone region being led by volunteers who are focused on political advocacy, making a positive impact in their communities and providing leadership training and development for the next generation of credit union leaders?
If you’re one of those tireless advocates who continue working after the business day is done, we invite you to join us in San Antonio on September 6th as we integrate our Chapter Leader’s Conference (CLC) into Cornerstone’s Leadership Conference.  In addition to the education and networking opportunities provided at the CLC, you’ll also have an opportunity to attend the opening session of the Leadership Conference, the vendor expo and the evening dinner event. 
Help us shine a spotlight on all the good that you do for your credit union members and community as a whole.
For more information contact Gretchen Ziegler at gziegler@cornerstoneleague.coop or 800-442-5762 ext. 6484.


2018 Grants Program
Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation
Foundation recently hosted an informational webinar outlining its new 2018 grants program. The recording of the webinar is now available on the Foundation's website.  Among the grants program changes, the Foundation will hold only one grants cycle per year for Credit Union Development and Chapter Grants. The deadline for applications is April 27, 2018 and the Grants Committee Meeting – May 15.
Please visit the Foundation’s website for more information about grants and applications at www.cscuf.coop. Questions? Contact Emily Moreno, grants manager, at emoreno@cscuf.coop or 469-385-6483.

Winner’s Choice Raffle
Winner's Choice
In 2018 we are changing things up. No more Mustang Mania - this year it is Winner’s Choice!  
April – August:  $20 a ticket and only 3,000 tickets will be sold.
1st Prize – Choice of Trip Package (Fiji, Europe or Disney) $10,000 value
2nd Prize – Choice of Luxury Package (Louis Vuitton or Prada) $2,500 value
3rd Prize – Choice of Luxury Package (Microsoft or Apple) $1,500 value
We need your assistance selling tickets in your area, give your members a chance to choose their prize!
Please contact Staci Zale for tickets and more information, szale@cscuf.coop.

SYNG – THE Party at the Leadership Conference
SyngThe Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation is looking for six brave acts who are ready to go from regular guy/gal to LIP-SYNC SUPERSTAR in the course of a single night. Well not exactly, as our performers will most likely spend weeks preparing the perfect routine to the perfect song.
Please join the Foundation as we premier SYNG at this year’s Leadership Conference in San Antonio on September 6. Anyone can (and should) join the show, but be warned, it takes work and practice to hone a routine. We’re not looking for professionals, just creative people with a flair for the dramatic, and who aren’t afraid to get on stage in front of their peers. Yes, there will be prizes!
So, have we talked you into stepping out on stage? What’s next?
  1. Put your creative hats on to choose just the right song and cast!
  2. Notify the Foundation of your interest to audition
  3. Submit an audition video showcasing your song, cast, and length of performance by May 11, 2018 (props and costumes are highly encouraged)
  4. Anxiously await the announcement of performers on May 31, 2018
You don’t want to miss your credit union peers going toe to toe in this epic lip-syncing battle for ultimate bragging rights and to raise funds for your Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation.
Please send audition notifications and videos to Staci Zale, development director, at 800-442-5762, Ext 6443, or szale@cscuf.coop.


Leadership Academy Provides a Foundation for Employee Development
Leadership Academy
The Cornerstone Leadership Academy was designed with a clear focus on building leaders and encouraging growth through engagement. The objective of the Academy is to promote the overall industry, tie leaders closer to the credit union movement, and provide an avenue to receive mentoring and discuss leadership philosophy.
This program is ideal for participants who are looking to grow, but also for current leaders to further demonstrate their expanded knowledge. Here's what chapters and students can expect:
  • One day of learning per month in a classroom-style setting.
  • 9-month program delivered by the chapter.
  • Training designed by credit union leaders for credit union leaders.
  • Learning from "best of the best" facilitators and guest speakers.
  • Pairing with a specially chosen mentor.
  • In-depth leadership philosophy with seasoned professionals.
  • A springboard to next-level leadership training and positions.
  • Collaboration on an immersive leadership project.
  • Monthly Leadership "Lunch and Learn" sessions.
  • All ranges of credit union professionals accepted.
Educational Investment
The Cornerstone Leadership Academy is an educational opportunity that is open to Cornerstone-affiliated credit unions. Chapters and students must commit to one full day of learning per month for nine months.
In a classroom-style environment, facilitators lead students through modules that include team projects, assignments, and responsibilities; credit union history and culture, values and traditions; advocacy and compliance, regulators, laws, exams, and audits; leadership; branch operations; lending; information technology (IT); human resources; marketing; accounting and finance; and final project preparation.
The Academy culminates in a graduation where students get to display all they have learned in a final presentation to benefit their credit union and their members.
Interested in starting the Academy at your chapter? Please contact Corina Balsells at 469-385-6642 or at cbalsells@cornerstoneleague.coop.

An Asset/Liability Management (ALM) Workshop Designed Just for You & CU Volunteers
Cornerstone Credit Union League ALM Resources is excited to announce a one-day ALM Workshop being offered in conjunction with the League's Annual Meeting & Expo April 18-20 in Little Rock, Arkansas. The workshop will be held on Tuesday, April 17 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Marriott Little Rock.
This workshop was specifically designed as a bonus opportunity for Board Members attending the Cornerstone CU League Annual Meeting to increase or refresh their ALM knowledge. Southwest CUNA Management School students, credit union management, and ALCO members will find this information valuable as well. During this session, Deborah L. Rightmire, vice president of ALM Resources, provides instruction to assist credit union professionals in analyzing their fundamental ALM process. Some of the topics include:
  • Review NCUA Letter 11-FCU-02 - Duties of Federal CU Board of Directors – Basic Financial Skills Required
  • Identify the goals of asset/liability management (ALM)
  • Pinpoint typical sources and uses of cash for credit unions
  • Review the ALM Resource Key Ratio Report
  • Identify 11 key financial ratios and impact factors of each
  • Analyze the Allowance for Loan and Lease Loss process (ALL)
  • Explore the Risk-Focused Examination (RFE) requirements
Whether you are new to your position or a seasoned credit union professional wanting an ALM refresher, this ALM Workshop offers an opportunity to gain a better understanding of what the numbers and ratios really mean and provides the tools to make decisions and manage your credit union more effectively.
Pricing for the ALM Workshop is $229 and includes lunch, breaks, and instruction material including your credit union's most recent ALM Resources Key Ratio Report. Seating is limited so sign up today.
Online registration is now available for Cornerstone's ALM Workshop. If you have any questions regarding the ALM Workshop, please contact Vicki Harris ALM Resources at (469) 385-6497 or (800) 442-5762, Ext. 6497.  
Educational grants are available through the Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation. To learn more, please visit www.cscuf.coop.

Annual Meeting & Expo
April 18-20, 2018
Little Rock, Arkansas

Southwest Lending Conference
May 16-18, 2018
Galveston, Texas

Volunteers Forum
June 6-8, 2018
    Memphis, Tennessee

YP Conference
August 2-3, 2018
Houston, Texas

Principles & Philosophy Conference
October 15-17, 2018
    Fort Worth, Texas

Bankruptcy & Collections Seminars – AR, May 2-3 and OK, August 21-22
Bankruptcy & Collections Seminars – TX, June and October
Council Webinars - Various dates and topics
CU Network Webinars – Various dates and topics
Hike the Hill - June 19-21
Home Equity Lending in Texas - May 3 & June 3
SCMS - Fort Worth, July 8-18
Small Credit Union Workshops - Various dates and locations starting in August
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