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Calendar of Events

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CU Network Webinars - Training on a variety of topics that will help your credit union succeed.

ComplySight Webinars - Learn more about ComplySight with these comprehensive training sessions.

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Download a printer-friendly version of the 2019 training calendar.

Date Event Location
05/21/2019 Houston Chapter Meeting Houston, TX
05/21/2019 Amarillo Area Chapter Meeting Amarillo, TX
05/22/2019 Southwest Lending Conference & Vendor Fair New Orleans, LA
05/23/2019 San Angelo Chapter Meeting San Angelo, TX
05/23/2019 Magic Valley Chapter Meeting Weslaco, TX
05/28/2019 North Texas Sister Society Meeting Fort Worth, TX
05/29/2019 Austin Chapter Meeting Austin, TX
06/04/2019 Credit Union Resources Shared Branching Roundtable Austin, TX
06/05/2019 Volunteers Forum Las Vegas, NV
06/06/2019 Oklahoma Sister Society Meeting Tulsa, OK
06/11/2019 Central Texas Chapter Meeting Waco, TX
06/11/2019 Coaching Skills for Winning Managers Workshop Houston, TX
06/11/2019 - 06/12/2019 ALM Workshops Plano, TX
06/11/2019 CEO Roundtable Plano, TX
06/11/2019 Credit Union Resources Shared Branching Roundtable Waco, TX
06/12/2019 Bankruptcy Seminar Plano, TX
06/13/2019 Collections Seminar Plano, TX
06/18/2019 Webinar: Thinking Like a Consumer – Simple is the New Black Online
06/18/2019 Credit Union Resources Shared Branching Roundtable Houston, TX
06/20/2019 Women's Leadership Conference Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
06/20/2019 Central Texas Chapter Golf Tournament Waco, TX
06/20/2019 Credit Union Resources Shared Branching Roundtable Beaumont, TX
06/20/2019 Austin Chapter Capital Cruises Boat Social Austin, TX
06/25/2019 - 06/26/2019 ALM Workshops San Antonio, TX
06/27/2019 HR Roundtable Oklahoma City, OK
07/07/2019 Southwest CUNA Management School Fort Worth, TX
07/13/2019 Small CU Conference Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
07/17/2019 BSA Teleconference Teleconference
08/07/2019 Enterprise Risk Management Conference San Antonio, TX
08/13/2019 Coaching Skills for Winning Managers Workshop Little Rock, AR
08/15/2019 Young Professionals Conference Austin, TX
08/20/2019 Small CU Workshop Little Rock, AR
08/20/2019 Bankruptcy Seminar Oklahoma City, OK
08/21/2019 Small CU Workshop Longview, TX
08/21/2019 Collections Seminar Oklahoma City, OK
08/28/2019 CEO Roundtable Houston, TX
09/03/2019 Foundation Golf Tournament San Antonio, TX
09/04/2019 Leadership Summit & Executive Forum San Antonio, TX
09/04/2019 Chapter Leaders Conference San Antonio, TX
09/18/2019 Small CU Workshop Fort Worth, TX
09/18/2019 Hike the Hill Washington, D.C.
09/19/2019 Small CU Workshop Oklahoma City, OK
09/25/2019 Managers Roundtable Branson, MO
09/26/2019 Night for the House Oklahoma City, OK
10/08/2019 Small CU Workshop Houston, TX
10/09/2019 Small CU Workshop Corpus Christi, TX
10/15/2019 Bankruptcy Seminar Houston, TX
10/15/2019 - 10/16/2019 ALM Workshops Oklahoma City, OK
10/16/2019 Collections Seminar Houston, TX
10/17/2019 CEO Roundtable Oklahoma City, OK
10/22/2019 Small CU Workshop Snyder, TX
10/22/2019 - 10/23/2019 ALM Workshops Little Rock, AR
10/23/2019 Small CU Workshop Amarillo, TX
11/04/2019 Marketing & Business Development Conference & Vendor Fair Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
04/15/2020 Annual Meeting & Expo Grapevine, TX
09/02/2020 Leadership Summit & Executive Forum Houston, TX
04/07/2021 Annual Meeting & Expo Grapevine, TX
09/08/2021 Leadership Summit & Executive Forum Denver, CO
04/20/2022 Annual Meeting & Expo Grapevine, TX