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Army of Volunteer Advocates Enrollment Form

Do you want to be part of the Army of Volunteer Advocates?

As a board volunteer, you’re a passionate advocate for your credit union and your members.  We want to harness that passion to help the entire credit union movement through a volunteer advocacy group, the Army of Volunteer Advocates.

Your engagement is vital to any success we could have. You're the voice of our movement. Your stories are the very inspiration for action; your stories have the power to influence lawmaker votes and decisions.

Sign Up and Gather Others.

Army of Advocates
Are you currently registered to vote?

For assistance finding your representatives, visit the Action Center.
Do you currently have a personal or professional relationship with a state or federal lawmaker?

Are you willing to, or are you already participating in, any of the following advocacy activities?

Would you have an interest in being a volunteer in a campaign?

Do you participate in your local credit union chapter?