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Payroll DeductionPayroll Deduction

Contributing to the ARCUPAC by payroll deduction is the easiest and most meaningful way your employees can support the future of your credit union and the credit union movement as a whole.

Think of the enormous impact we could make if every credit union employee contributed just $1 per week through payroll deduction. One dollar! That’s less than the cost of a candy bar or a cup of coffee!

Why Payroll Deduction?

  • It is self-sustaining and the most cost efficient fundraising program you can implement.
  • It provides a steady stream of income to support state and federal lawmakers when requested.
  • It is simple and painless...having a small amount automatically withheld from each paycheck is barely noticeable and yet it adds up over time. A $5 contribution per pay period is $130 a year.
  • It will raise more money and allow more people to contribute their fair share.

Reminder: Employees MUST be a member of the credit union to participate in this program.