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Cornerstone Credit Union League Surveys Credit Union Members

May 6, 2020, 08:09 AM by Cornerstone League

Findings Include Most Credit Unions Have Made Modifications to Loans Offered

PLANO, TEXAS (April 16, 2020) – Cornerstone Credit Union League has surveyed its credit union members to determine their response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Poll results include details regarding availability of emergency loans, modifications, cash withdrawals, and changes in business operations.

The COVID-19 Response Poll was conducted from March 31 through April 4 and invitations were sent to CEOs of affiliated Cornerstone credit union members, of which 72 responded. Cornerstone Senior Vice President of Credit Union Relations Mike Delker said the poll results will help guide Cornerstone’s credit union relations team in anticipating members’ needs.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, our team has worked around the clock to connect with members, whether it’s to determine how we can best serve them during this challenging time or just to see how they’re doing,” Delker said. “The poll results give us deeper insight into their needs and how we can support their goals.”

Poll results:   

  • Approximately one-third (36%) of the respondents have offered, or are planning to offer, 0% or very low rate emergency loans in response to COVID-19.
  • Eight of 10 (81%) have made, or are planning to make, modifications to some, if not all, of the loans they offer. The most frequently cited modification is postponed payments, followed by fee waivers, collection/repossession adjustments, and reduced payments.
  • Nearly all participants (97%) have adjusted lobby operations in response to COVID-19, and a large majority (82%) have made changes in personal appointments with members. About one-third (35%) of participants had altered their drive-thru operations, and one in five have made adjustments to online banking (21%) and mobile banking (21%).
  • Roughly one-fourth (23%) of the respondents have experienced a significant increase in cash withdrawals as a result of the pandemic. Somewhat lower percentages have faced challenges with title searches or car loans (17%), burdens arising from the EFMLA paid leave provision (16%), and information technology Issues (13%). Some respondents reported that employee-related issues (for example, adjusting to working from home) have also impacted their credit unions as a result of the pandemic.
  • Nine out of 10 respondents (89%) have implemented social distancing of employees in the office, while about one-fourth (23%) have instituted daily limits on cash withdrawals.
  • When asked to identify the top regulatory and compliance challenges they have encountered while working through the pandemic, the poll participants cited: giving loan extensions while staying in compliance, EFMLA issues, Reg D, annual meeting requirements, and TDR issues.
  • Respondents provided a variety of suggestions for ways Cornerstone can help during the pandemic. Those mentioned more often included continuing to provide timely and accurate information (including updates and interpretations of new laws) and sharing best practices on how other credit unions are coping.

Of the total responses, 65% have fewer than $90 million in assets; 19% have $90 million to $300 million in assets; 7% have $300 million to $750 million in assets; and 8% have more than $750 million in assets.

Additional ways Cornerstone has supported its members during the pandemic include:

  • A pandemic resources page to keep members abreast of the latest in regulatory, legislative, and credit union news
  • Advocacy efforts on behalf of credit unions on issues affecting them, particularly when it comes to provisions in new legislation, in tandem with other leagues and CUNA
  • Member outreach, keeping them updated via email, polls, and videos
  • Weekly webinars and virtual roundtable discussions, available to members to share knowledge and tips to navigate these uncertain times

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