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About Us


The Cornerstone Credit Union League (Cornerstone) is a non-profit corporation organized for the advancement and success of credit unions and credit union operations; and is organized under the Texas Business Organization Code.

Cornerstone operates as a membership and trade association for credit unions with home offices in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas.

Cornerstone’s home office is in Plano, Texas with Credit Union Association offices in

  • Little Rock, Arkansas   
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and
  • Austin, Texas 

Cornerstone has a 21-member board of directors with 18 board members nominated and elected by member credit unions according to their asset size within their designated region. 

The 6 Cornerstone regions are:  Region 1/South East Texas; Region 2/South Central Texas; Region 3/West Texas; Region 4/Oklahoma; Region 5/Arkansas; and, Region 6/ North East Texas.  Within each region are three (3) Asset Categories.

Director Terms are three (3) years.  Each year the terms of 6 directors expire and a call for nominations is issued to member credit unions within the designated asset category in each of the 6 regions.

The Cornerstone board also has 3 Associate Directors designated for at least one volunteer and one young professional and a third to be either a volunteer or young professional.  All associate director terms are two (2) years and are non-voting positions.  In effect as of 2015, the League board associate director nomination and election process calls for applications from Cornerstone member credit unions during the first quarter of odd-numbered years; selected nominees are seated following Cornerstone’s annual membership meeting. 

Additionally, Cornerstone owns Credit Union Resources, Inc., a service corporation for all credit unions. Resources has a 15-member board of directors nominated and elected by the Cornerstone board following a call for applications from Cornerstone member credit unions.  Director terms are three (3) years with representation from each of the three states.

Cornerstone established the Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation. The Foundation’s members are the Cornerstone board of directors; the Foundation board is composed of 17 trustees and 5 advisory trustees designated by the Cornerstone Chief Executive Officer and in accordance with the Foundation Bylaws.

In support of the World Wide Credit Union System, Cornerstone is a member of Credit Union National Association [CUNA] and in turn the World Council of Credit Unions [WOCCU].