Election Results

Election Results

Posted: Nov 18, 2022 | Author: Cornerstone League

Being the next leaders in the credit union movement, credit union young professionals need to know who represents us in Washington D.C. and in our state capitols. Credit unions were created with a stroke of a pen and can easily be done away with in the same way.

The good news is that YPs are empowered to participate in credit union advocacy. We can help candidates that support credit unions get elected to office by contributing PAC dollars to help them run a successful campaign.

On Nov. 9, 100% of the candidates that were supported in Oklahoma and Texas, and 85% of the candidates supported in Arkansas were successful in their races.

However, Advocacy never rests. Although the election is over, our work is just beginning. We’re already planning the engagement opportunities for the 2023 congressional sessions and state legislatures in Cornerstone’s new five-state area.

The executive directors from Cornerstone League’s three political arms in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas have compiled the results for member credit unions. To view your state’s results in statewide and federal races, select the name of your state association below:

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Credit union young professionals have access to a program dedicated to help you engage, empower, and create an impact.