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Posted: Sep 22, 2021 | Author: Cornerstone League
CRASH ELEVATE  ELEVATE: Credit Union Leadership Summit  Experiences & Events  young professionals 

Below are the testimonies of the young professionals that Crashed the Elevate: Credit Union Leadership Summit.

Candice Harris

Candice Harris, Vice President, Houston Police Credit Union 

“Crashing ELEVATE was amazing! As crashers, we got to speak with many leaders in the credit union industry, and they shared their expertise, experience, and advice with us. In addition, we were able to attend many sessions that will help us develop our skills in leadership, employee engagement, and personal development. Crashing ELEVATE was a great opportunity, and I am so thankful to Cornerstone League and Foundation for allowing us to crash ELEVATE!”

Megan Cranke

Megan Cranke, E-Services Relationship Specialist, TTCU FCU

“Going into all of this, I was incredibly stressed about the idea of networking, but the Young Professionals Conference and ELEVATE have changed my view on that and ignited a deeper fire to be involved in the credit union industry. We truly are an industry that stands apart from others – banks don’t get together to share secrets that could help others to succeed. Every single person I spoke with was eager to bolster success for others in any way they could. It was incredibly moving to meet and interact with my fellow crashers and to have the opportunity to network with leaders in all levels throughout the Cornerstone Region.”

Tiffany Zadner

Tiffany Zadner, E-Branch Manager, Energy One FCU

“Being selected by Cornerstone to be a crasher this year was such an honor and privilege. Going into the conference I really did not know what to expect and then getting there and seeing a room full of CEOs, Executives, and board members I immediately panicked. However, after speaking to a few of them I realized they were there for the same reason I was and that is to learn and grow as an individual leader. I learned so much from the speakers and from talking to other credit union professionals about what they are doing within their credit unions to build their staff up to succeed. The relationships I built over the week of the conference with my fellow crashers, YP Advisors, and other organizations was life changing and would have never happened if I hadn’t put myself out there and applied to be a crasher.”   

Precilla Corral

Prescilla Alonso, Branch Manager, Resource One CU

“Crashing ELEVATE was truly a blessing. It came at a time I really need that extra push to get out of a funk I was in personally. Crashing the event was so insightful and eye opening. I learned how to be a better leader and honestly a better me. A note that stuck with me from a speaker was, ‘my team can only give what they receive.’ I also made some networking connections and friendships. The week at ELEVATE definitely helped me grow.”

Angel Landfair

Angel Landfair, CPA, Financial Controller, Resource One CU

“I am so grateful that I was able to Crash ELEVATE. It was hands down one of the most amazing experiences in my career thus far. I cannot mention the ELEVATE conference without also mentioning Disney Institute. Having Steve from Disney Institute as our keynote speaker was the best part of the conference, he was so inspiring and gave us all so much great information. Not only Disney, but all the speakers were nothing short of amazing, including L’areal Lipkins, Shana Merlin, Alise Cortez, and many others. They all had different messages with similar focuses. I finally know what it means to be a leader and it is because of the ELEVATE conference! Thank you, Cornerstone!”

What is Crash?

Several years ago, credit union young professionals decided they wanted to be included and attend large credit union conferences traditionally reserved for more seasoned staff. While they were viewed as unconventional conference attendees, that did not stop them from taking a stance and “crashing” the event. A group of credit union young professionals worked collectively to share their voice and express their desired to participate in various events. This initial “crash” has helped open conversations about getting credit union young professionals involved in the movement with more seasoned industry leaders.

In the time since, these original “crashers” blazed a trail. The Crash Program has been adopted across the movement, welcoming credit union young professionals to a number of events. The once “crashers” are now a welcomed addition at many conferences and meetings. The fresh perspective of young professionals offers an enlightening experience for all.

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