YP Spotlights

YP Spotlights for March

Posted: Mar 9, 2023 | Author: Cornerstone League
YP Spotlights 

What is a Young Professional? A credit union young professional is a credit union employee under the age of 40. But CUYPs are so much more. The mission of the CUYP group is to attract, engage, and empower young talent in the Cornerstone region while making a positive impact in our communities. You might say that CUYPs are:

  • Passionate about credit unions.
  • Actively engaged in the local community.
  • Driving positive change for the future.
  • Motivated to break down barriers to collaboration.
  • Game to bring new perspectives to the credit union system.
  • Committed to the 8 cooperative principles of credit unions.
  • Guided by the “people helping people” philosophy.
  • Future leaders of the credit union movement.

With all that in mind, here’s this month’s spotlight to help you get to know some of our region’s CUYPs.

Mark Urrutia

YP Spotlight: Mark Urrutia

Mark Urrutia is a member service officer at One Source Federal Credit Union in El Paso. He’s been in the credit union industry for 11 years helping the people of his community to better the financial aspects of their lives.

Urrutia’s role model is his mother. “She is an independent woman who has always shown me the path of hard work,” he said. "She has always been my mentor, even as an adult.”

Some fun things about Urrutia: His favorite movie is “The Mask,” he enjoys traveling to Glenwood Springs and Estes Park in Colorado, and if he could have a superpower, it would be super speed, since his favorite superhero is the Flash.


Marisol Castro

YP Spotlights Marisol Castro

Marisol Castro is a TM HR information systems analyst at FirstLight Federal Credit Union in El Paso. She’s been in the credit union movement for more than seven years and says there are many wonderful things about working for a credit union.

“One of my favorite things is the welcoming environment,” she said, “working with different people toward one common goal.”

Castro said if she could chat with any celebrity or public figure, it would be Abraham Lincoln. “I’ve always been curious to know more about his accomplishments because we share the same birthday,” she said.

Fun thing to know about Castro is that if she could have any superpower, she would want to be able to breathe underwater. “I would go scuba diving whenever possible and explore sea life.”


Janie Soto

YP Spotlights, Janie Soto

Janie Soto is a lending manager with South Texas Federal Credit Union in McAllen, Texas. She’s been in the credit union industry for eight years and loves being able to reach out and help the community, not only as their financial institutions, but being able to give back. She likes to volunteer at events and lend a helping hand.

Soto believes in people even when they themselves do not or cannot see how much they can succeed and accomplish.

If she could chat with a public figure, Soto would choose Michelle Obama. “She is inspiring to many different generations, especially to the younger generation, and a great role model to women of all ages,” Soto said. “She advocates for poverty awareness and has achieved so much.”

Soto points to her mother as a role model. “She is the reason for who I am today,” Soto said. “Her drive and passion to always strive for more, even when you think you can’t… she has always pushed us to try our best and know that anything is possible.”

If Soto could have a superpower, she would choose the ability to cure cancer. “So many cures for other diseases have been found except cancer,” Soto said. “With the number of cases we continue to have, this would give hope to many individuals battling this disease.”

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