Let the PXT Select Assessment Help You Find the Right Talent

Posted: Jun 13, 2022 | Author: Brittany Kilgore, Cornerstone Resources
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Every organization has felt the pain of making poor “people” decisions, as well as the joys of finding rising stars. The PXT Select assessment provides you the right information to make informed talent decisions so that you engage the right people. It measures how an individual fits specific jobs within your organization through assessing one’s thinking style, behavioral traits, and interests.  

Benefits of the PXT Select Assessment:

1. Eliminates selection bias

a. Validated in accordance with U.S. Department of Labor standards for pre-employment
b. Measures the uniqueness of every individual. Does not put people in pre-determined “buckets” like other tests. There are trillions of possible combinations.

2. Cost effective

a. One assessment generates multiple reports, which are all included in the cost
b. Customized job performance models are included in the cost

3. Improves employee retention, satisfaction, and performance

a. Actionable reports for selection, coaching, leadership development, succession planning, career pathing, onboarding, team building, and more
b. Helps identify talent gaps and focus on leveraging employee strengths

The PXT Select assessment provides insight into the 90% of a person’s core that you would not typically observe in an interview or within their day-to-day interactions. The assessment gives you information that recommendations, resumes, and referrals cannot offer. Give your hiring managers the tools to learn up front if an applicant can do the job, how they would do the job, and whether they will enjoy the job.  

For more information or if you have questions, please contact Brittany Kilgore at or 832-200-8715.   


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