Recruiting in a Remote World

Posted: May 11, 2020 | Author: Mr. Marcus Cotton

Almost 100 years ago, Thomas Edison created the first written test to evaluate job prospects, and from that, the job interview process was born. While Edison’s questions were obscure (“Which countries supply the most mahogany?”), the process he created has barely changed over time—even into the last few decades. With the phone as the core technology, an initial, brief conversation is conducted, followed by lengthy, in-person interviews and, if everything goes well, the offer.

Video technologies achieved maturity over the last few years, but the old ways of recruiting have been ingrained in our hiring processes. Enter COVID-19, the great accelerator. According to a Mercer survey, 74% of organizations that are hiring during the COVID-19 pandemic have changed their recruitment practices. This requires turning to technology to maintain business continuity in uncertain times.

For the last few years, Credit Union Resources’ Executive Search has offered a remote recruiting platform that integrates virtual sourcing, digital resumes, and virtual interviews into one powerful, guided solution to connect with candidates in an efficient and cost-effective way. “Watching the video, hiring managers can validate communication skills, professionalism, and how well the candidates present themselves,” said Executive Search Vice President Marcus Cotton.

With this platform, there’s no need for credit unions to download software or unique video solutions or upgrade their existing equipment. Executive Search developed and optimized a technology backbone for your recruitment process that is mobile friendly, offers strong analytics, and integrates with other solutions.

Cotton explains, “What is unique about our recruiting platform is that it allows the board of directors and the executive leadership team to log in from home and view candidates through a video recording. They can individually comment on the candidate and give a rating from one to five stars, engaging with each other and comparing candidates without having to meet. The system then captures this information and compiles it into a report.”

The entire process can be done virtually, and Executive Search has been successful doing just that during the pandemic. “We recently placed a CFO who is relocating from the East Coast to Dallas, and we are in the process of moving a new hire from New Jersey to Iowa,” said Cotton.

Think back to 2019. Would you have considered hiring a full-time employee without ever meeting them in person? A few months later, this is our reality. Hiring managers are becoming more comfortable getting cultural and emotional cues through video interviews, and they are starting to trust their evolving familiarity with a virtual process.

In the years to come, remote recruiting will become one of the foundational pieces of your recruitment strategy. At the core, finding the right individuals for your credit union will always be about cultural fit, and we will continue to feel the most comfortable with an in-person engagement. Remote recruiting is not about completely replacing the old processes Edison initiated.

Thomas Edison was never satisfied with one solution. He’s quoted as saying, “There’s a way to do it better—find it.” Remote recruiting is an option that saves travel, time, and multiple resources. The magic lies in the combination of remote and in-person recruiting for the benefit of your credit union.


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