Your invitation to UNITE: A new era of grassroots advocacy

Posted: Nov 1, 2023 | Author: Cornerstone League
Grassroots Advocacy  UNITE 

In September, Cornerstone League launched UNITE, a groundbreaking grassroots advocacy initiative tailored for the five states comprising the Cornerstone region. As we look ahead to the 2024 legislative sessions in Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri, we invite all Cornerstone League YPs to join UNITE and take your advocacy acumen to a new level.


What is UNITE?

UNITE is an acronym for the five pillars of Cornerstone’s grassroots advocacy strategy and the culmination of our mission to unite credit unions in advocacy. UNITE is fortified by five pillars, each representing a crucial facet of grassroots advocacy intended to either support or object to legislation in the state capitols and Congress.

The five pillars of UNITE:

  1. Understand: Empowering Through Knowledge

“Understand” magnifies the importance of education within our community. To ensure a comprehensive understanding of advocacy and its importance to the credit union movement, training should be undertaken and tailored to meet the needs of each credit union, whether through regional training days, virtual sessions, or onboarding processes.

  1. Notify: Amplifying Voices

“Notify” extends reach to both members and staff. Enrolling in the Member Activation Program (MAP) ensures credit unions can efficiently convey information to members and move them to raise their collective voices for a resounding impact.

  1. Invest: Strengthening Political Action

“I,” signifying “Invest,” brings credit unions to the forefront of political action. The Cornerstone League defines a political action committee (PAC) goal for each credit union, which is aligned with employee counts. The entire community participates in a pooled effort to ensure funds are available to support credit union-friendly candidates and reinforce the movement’s voice in legislative affairs.

  1. Target: Strengthening Impact Through Data

“Target” spotlights Project Zip Code, an invaluable tool for effective interaction with elected officials. By matching credit union members with legislative districts, we can share with legislators a visual representation of their constituents’ interests, emphasizing the power of credit union members’ votes and PAC contributions.

  1. Engage: Fostering Grassroots Power

“Engage” epitomizes the program’s essence, urging credit unions to identify legislative champions within their ranks. This engagement resonates within the state and across the broader credit union movement. The power of grassroots advocacy becomes tangible at events like CUNA’s Governmental Affairs Conference, shaping the future of credit unions through a unified voice.


The Path Forward

As we embark on this transformative journey, the credit union community’s support is paramount. The program is designed for credit unions, their boards, and even the dedicated volunteers who shape our movement’s trajectory. UNITE embodies the spirit of collaboration, the heartbeat of advocacy, and the promise of a brighter future for credit unions and their members.

UNITE with us!


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