Zest AI loves credit unions

Zest AI loves credit unions

Posted: Jan 25, 2023 | Author: Cornerstone League
Zest AI 

We understand that credit unions not only serve their members financially, they also strive to support their communities in infinite ways. Our goal is to shine a spotlight on these efforts.

Zest would like to highlight the amazing service projects credit unions are doing. This would involve Zest employees coming on site to help. We really want to get in there with the rubber gloves and all. 

If you have events where we could help volunteer, we would love to have a few Zest team members participate. In addition, we would like to feature this on our social media platforms—with your permission, of course. We truly want to shout from the rooftops the amazing initiatives credit unions are providing for their communities.

We look forward to coming together to help in your community. Reach out to Jill Lawrence at with any opportunities you may have.


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