First bill filings begin in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas legislatures

Posted: Nov 16, 2022 | Author: Cornerstone League
legislative session 

Lawmakers won’t gavel in for the new legislative sessions until January, but they got their first chance to pre-file bills this week, shedding light on their priorities and what battles could be shaping up in the state capitols next year.

It’s worth noting that thousands of bills are pre-filed each session in each legislature, and most never make it into law. But that won’t keep Cornerstone League’s advocacy and regulatory teams from analyzing every bill for its impact on credit unions.

  • In Texas, Nov. 14 was the first day legislators and legislators-elect could file bills for the 88th Legislature. By 1 p.m., legislators had filed more than 800 bills pertaining to an array of matters. The 60-day deadline for submitting bills ends March 10. The 88th Texas Legislature convenes at noon on Jan. 10.
  • In Arkansas, Nov. 15 was the first day legislators could pre-file bills and resolutions. The 94th General Assembly, Regular Session, will convene at noon on Jan. 9.
  • In Oklahoma, Nov. 15 was the first day legislators could pre-file bills and resolutions, with a filing deadline of Jan. 19. The 1st General Session of the 59th Legislature will convene on Feb. 6.

We look forward to the 2023 legislative season, this year to include our new members in Kansas and Missouri.


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