Better together: An update from Caroline Willard on HCUA merger

Posted: Aug 3, 2022 | Author: Cornerstone League
Cornerstone/Heartland Merger 

As we run through our due diligence, we at Cornerstone League are filled with optimism and a sense of excitement for a future with the Heartland Credit Union Association as an integral part of our organization.

That’s because we know we are better together. We also know that each state within our expanded region will continue to maintain its own identity, just as the individuals who work for the League do. As with our field offices in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, we’ve found that local relationships and market knowledge is critical. Though each state will exist under the Cornerstone League banner, "one size fits all" has never been our outlook and never will be.   

As an update, let me say that we continue to receive positive feedback from our due diligence with credit union leaders. The feedback we have received confirms our research and conclusion that the consolidation just makes sense. Not only do we share a contiguous geographic region, but we also share similar demographics, political goals, and membership ideals.

I want to reiterate some of the benefits to credit unions from this consolidation:

  • Even more effective advocacy, as regional oversight can improve federal coordination on local threats from banking trades.
  • A larger talent pool with diverse experiences, creating opportunities for innovation and adding bench depth.
  • Greater efficiency means less reliance on dues dollars, keeping credit unions’ costs as low as possible.
  • Additional opportunities for products and services.
  • Customized member support and education in each geographic market.
  • A robust engagement infrastructure that will extend senior management’s reach.
  • Expanded member networking options

As we move through the process, I hope you will feel comfortable adding your comments to our repository of feedback—positive, neutral, or negative. Our intention is to be transparent as we resolve any issues that might crop up, and our aim is to embody the “Better Together” philosophy in principle and in practice.

You can reach out to me any time at

Caroline Willard



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