ICU Day 2021

ICU Day 2021: Building Financial Health for a Brighter Tomorrow

Posted: Oct 13, 2021 | Author: Cornerstone League
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How is your credit union celebrating International Credit Union Day with your members and your community?

For over 70 years, our industry has celebrated International Credit Union Day, raising awareness about what it means for members around the world to have a credit union as their financial partner. Join us on Thursday, Oct. 21, to celebrate the spirit of the global credit union movement, reflect upon the movement's history, promote its achievements, and share member experiences.

The 2021 International Credit Union Day focuses on looking forward with its theme of “building financial health for a brighter tomorrow.”

We hope you’re planning to showcase the amazing work credit unions and other financial cooperatives are doing for their members around the world. Now is the time to brag a little bit about how credit unions are improving their members’ financial well-being through various initiatives, programs, and services and generally offering better rates and terms than members could get at a bank. There’s a lot to celebrate!

Gather your ICU Day materials and help us highlight credit unions worldwide on social media using the #ICUDay hashtag on Oct. 21.

And when it’s all over, don’t forget to send us your ICU Day stories and photos


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