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Cornerstone League to Launch ‘Leave a Legacy’ Initiative

Posted: Jun 8, 2021 | Author: Cornerstone League
Leave a Legacy campaign 

Next week, Cornerstone League is rolling out Leave a Legacy, a new initiative that is part social media campaign and part recognition of our movement’s trailblazers in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.

How did the credit union movement become as strong and beloved among members and advocates alike over the past 120 years in America? It’s all of us working together for a shared vision of “people helping people,” but it’s also standouts who go the extra mile for their members and the communities they serve; standouts who operate with servant’s hearts and value human potential; standouts whose mission is to enable others to realize their financial goals and dreams for their families.

A legacy isn’t a destination; it’s a journey. Every day in myriad ways, those who leave a legacy have been building that legacy for decades. And they haven’t done it with “leaving a legacy” in mind; they’ve done it by authentically living the credit union principles and philosophy and setting a shining example that others strive to emulate.

Beginning in next week’s Leaguer and each month thereafter through December 2021, Cornerstone will highlight the contributions and sage advice of a few of our industry’s best and brightest.

Be sure to check out our June 17 edition of the Leaguer for our first group of credit union champions who are leaving quite a legacy for future generations.  


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